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CASE STUDY: Transformation of Michael's Dating Life With Radical Integrity

Most men who run the Nice Guy pattern with women aren't aware of it. They just notice that "it doesn't work for them" with women.

That was also the case of Michael.

Michael is a very driven person.

He's an entrepreneur and an athlete and he loves challenges!

But when it comes to women, it felt like something was always holding him back.

He couldn't "just be himself" when talking to women.

The more he liked a girl, the more he was focused on using the right words, saying the right things, and acting the right way.

"Most of the time it feels like being paralyzed. So I did nothing. Or I said something weird. And made it even worse."

When he got drunk, he had a tendency to switch to the opposite extreme: he would say anything that would come to his mind.

He would appear confident, but often he was offensive and the next day, he felt guilty and he became needy again.

Overall, he was frustrated.

His past relationships had one common topic: anytime the emotional tension rose, he became reactive and very impulsive.

His unconscious desire for validation from women was so strong, that it took control over his mind and actions and the results were confusion in the relationship, stuckness, and even more frustration.

See, this is what most men don't get:

When men want approval from a woman in order to feel good about themselves, the woman feels that insecurity, and she can't trust him. That means she can't open to him, so the connection and flirt are just impossible. Many men think they can hide it, but that's impossible.

They communicate the unconscious desire for approval through their body language, voice, and eye contact. For women, it's like it's written all over their foreheads.

This was also the case with Michael.

He was frustrated and he realized he started building resentment towards women: all this effort, all this trying - why even bother?

When Michael learned about the work I do, he reached out.

He said it wasn't easy.

He also did not know what to expect.

I asked him:

"What would happen if you were radically honest with women all the time?"

He was confused.

He never even considered that idea.

But he decided to explore it further and give it a try.

Once he did the mindset shifts and started releasing fear and got through the desire to get approval from women, he was stunned at how easy it was actually to talk to women he never met.

"I just share with her what I like about her and she loves it!"

At first, he only talked to one girl at the time.

But once he realized that the same principle applies to one girl, groups of girls, and groups of strangers, his courage and confidence went through the roof.

"When I connect with what I want and what I like, it's actually easy! I just couldn't see it through the layers of my autopilot behavior based on wanting approval from women."

Michael talked with multiple women every day.

He had fun.

He got phone numbers

He went out on dates.

"The flirt is just so much fun when I'm brutally honest all the time! And it feels so good for me!"

He was dating to the point where he found one girl he fell in love with. They decided to build a long-term relationship with her.

Today, they're living together and he tells me:

"I know exactly what kind of man I want to be in my relationship and life. I now recognize my Nice Guy pattern almost immediately and I let them go straight away. And I'm not even talking about the business impact that I have experienced thanks to this!"

It's the first conversation that Michael decided to have with me, that shaped his future and eventually resulted in building his dream relationship.

Right now, you're one click away from booking the same conversation, as Michael did.

I know.

It takes courage to ask for help.

Michael demonstrated this courage and it changed his life.

One conversation with the right person, at the right time, can change your life forever.

If you feel courage now and you want to take your confidence to the next level and start building up your dream life, then book the session too, and let's see what's possible for you.

There's no real reason to wait.

*Client's name was changed to protect his privacy.

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