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CASE STUDY: How Dan Healed His Nice Guy Pattern

Dan, when we started, was a perfect dating failure, and when we finished - one of my favorite clients.

When we started working together, he was heavily into the pick-up artistry: "Techniques and methods on how to pick-up women."

He approached hundreds of women...

He studied communication with women...

He learned "the perfect things" to say and how to say them...

...yet, when it came to results, Dan had none.

He couldn't get dates, and even if he had one, he was so much in his head, overthinking what is the next right thing to do, that he felt...impotent.

"After all that pick-up stuff, I was still so heavily overthinking, that I didn't know who's me and what I really want anymore."

Most men, who struggle with dating and their romantic relationships, have the same problem: no matter what they say with their mouth, they unconsciously communicate to women their low self-worth and desperate need to be validated by them.

No wonder women were turned off.

But Pick-Up wasn't the only thing Dan tried to resolve his confidence issues.

He did therapy, read tons of books, saw loads of videos on self-improvement, and he even tried psychedelic drugs - all with poor to no results in the everyday life.

Needless to say - he was desperate.

When I spoke to him for the first time, I immediately discovered 3 things:

  1. He was disconnected from his turn-on. Women couldn't FEEL that he's attracted to them. He said it with words. But because he didn't FEEL it, his communication was incongruent, which made him creepy - no matter how hard he would try.

  2. He tried to please women. His primary focus was on making the woman feel good. His own feeling good was secondary. This put women in leading positions (even pedestal) and he became submissive and overreactive anytime he sensed her disapproval. Another total turn-off for women.

  3. He had a load of trauma from his past relationships with women. He struggled with being authentic and spontaneous because in the past he went through a lot of emotional pain with women that he had never processed (past abusive relationship). The pain was still present in his body. He had to shut down the FEELING in order not to get hurt again. However, the emotional armor he protected himself with also prevented him from genuinely connecting with women. His conscious intention (connection) and unconscious one (protection) were in conflict.

When I told Dan about emotional tension & releasing, he was skeptical.

And I fully understand that - after everything he tried already.

But, Dan took the leap anyway.

He stepped into the unknown.

He rolled up his sleeves.

And he took action.

He did absolutely everything that I told him to do: emotional tension exercises, emotional releasing, and all the internal work. I helped him implement Natural Masculine Confidence habits so he doesn't swing back after we're done.

And guess what...

During 6th week of working together, I received a voice note from him on WhatsApp.

First 20 seconds he was yelling in joy and excitement.

Then he said:

"Maaaan, I've approached a beautiful girl next to a metro station, we had an awesome connection, flirt, there was sexual tension and eventually I went for kiss AND I kissed her! All within 15 minutes! Can you believe that?"

That was quite extreme even for me.

But he was truly happy.

No alcohol, no drugs.

Just Natural Masculine Confidence.

His true nature.

But that was just the outer expression of the shifts he experienced:

  • Dan also released his long-term obsessive fear of being gay and now he can laugh at himself and banter with guys on the topic.

  • He released his rage, despair, and apathy from the Narcissistic abuse he had experienced in the past.

  • He quit his safe position and started his own business (he worked in a bank before).

  • Fast forward one year, and today he dates beautiful women AND he makes over 6.000 EUR per month as an on-line entrepreneur.

One guy.

From feeling desperate and lonely about women...

To building abundance with women AND a successful business...

"Today, I am grateful for living my dream life."

And here's the thing: I am NOT surprised at all.


Because working with emotional releasing and emotional tension ALWAYS impacts all areas of life.

It is the confidence of every man, that ultimately determines his success with women and business.

For a man, what's more important than that?

Dan outgrew the limitations that his Nice Guy pattern imposed on him.

And he will enjoy the fruits of releasing and tension work for the rest of his life.

But he didn't stop - he keeps growing for the joy and beauty of it:

"I just wonder, how much better life can get!"

Now, if Dan can have results like this, is there ANY reason why you can't with whatever your background is?

The truth is - I don't know.

Because I don’t know you personally, yet.

But there’s one way to find out:

Book a call with me here.

We’ll put our heads together for about 45 minutes.

We'll dig into your current situation and discover the root cause of what's holding you back.

Together, we’ll figure out the exact next steps for you to start building your Natural Masculine Confidence - even if you've been avoiding tension for most of your life.

You know, there is a lot of dating advice out there.

And to be honest - I believe, most of it is superficial bullsh*t, teaching men how to manipulate women into liking them. That's not what I want for my clients.

My objective is for my clients to develop AUTHENTIC and REAL confidence, that's grounded in your true Self.

100% honesty & integrity.

No games.

Just like Dan did.

Book a call here.

Let’s see what I can do for you.

Talk soon.


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