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Parallel Lines

Case Studies

These are the case studies of my clients' transformations during our work together. Wether you're looking for understanding how transformation happens or just a pure inspiration, this is a great place to start.

Why Case Studies?

I have sent all these case studies out as e-mails. Many guys reported to me, that they were extremely helpful for them to understand where they're at and what the possible future looks like for them once they shift their patterns. Therefore, I decided to make them public, so you can check it out for yourself as well. This is by far not all the case studies I have processed, I have more coming out soon, especially on polarized relationships and business leadership. 

The Case Studies

Dated multiple women & found the long-term relationship:
"The goal I have set for the 8 weeks - I have reached in the first week! That's crazy! I realized, that everything is possible. This is a complete next level from all the pick-up stuff I've done in the past!"

- Daniel H., France

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