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Image by Ryan Shumway

My Ethical Principles

I've attended countless coaching and therapeutic programs and healing retreats, workshops,  and ceremonies. These are the principles I use to stay safe and get the most value out of my healing experiences. I use these Principles to guide my own practice as well.

The Principles​ of Ethical Therapeutic & Coaching Practice

  1. Strengthen Individual Autonomy

    • Equality. Encourage Equality between Me and You, and between You and all other people in the world.

    • Critical Thinking. Encourage Your Critical Thinking in both Individual and Group work.

    • Always Assume Positive Intent. The appearance of negative, destructive, and self-sabotaging behaviors is always a manifestation of a deep inner conflict, which is the result of past Trauma.

    • Masculine & Feminine Balance. An individually adjusted balance between the work on Empathetic Inquiry (Feminine) and Goal-Oriented Performance Coaching (Masculine)

  2. Respect the Individual Freedom

    • Autonomy. You always decide about your Goal.

    • Free Will. Respect of Your Free Will, Personal Choice, and Decisions on Action.

    • Consent. Always asking for consent when shifting between coach & mentor role, and when sharing personal stories/experience to illustrate a principle.

  3. Add Value

    • Goals. You're achieving the Goals you've set for our work together, 

    • Confidence. You're improving your Confident self-expression,

    • Mental Health. You're sustainably improving your Resilience, Positive Outlook on Life, Emotional Self-Regulation, and Self-Love. 

  4. Do No Harm

    • Here's a list of practices very common today, that are harmful to clients. I encourage You to stay away from any coach/mentor/therapist/healer who applies any of these practices.

  5. Respect Confidentiality 

    • Everything we talk about is strictly private and confidential.

Dated multiple women & found the long-term relationship:
"The goal I have set for the 8 weeks - I have reached in the first week! That's crazy! I realized, that everything is possible. This is a complete next level from all the pick-up stuff I've done in the past!"

- Daniel H., France

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