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Ethical Code

My principles of working with clients.

I've attended countless healing retreats, coaching and therapeutic programs. This is the summary of the principles that help me get the most value out of my healing experiences and prevented me from getting ripped off by fake gurus and con artists.


I use these Principles to guide my own practice as well:

  1. Strengthen Individual Autonomy

    • Equality. Encourage Equality between Me and You, and between You and all other people in the world.

    • Critical Thinking. Encourage Your Critical Thinking in both Individual and Group work.

    • Always Assume Positive Intent. The appearance of negative, destructive, and self-sabotaging behaviors is always a manifestation of a deep inner conflict, which is the result of past Trauma.

    • Masculine & Feminine Balance. An individually adjusted balance between the work on Empathetic Inquiry (Feminine) and Goal-Oriented Performance Coaching (Masculine)

  2. Respect the Individual Freedom

    • Autonomy. You always decide about your Goal.

    • Free Will. Respect of Your Free Will, Personal Choice, and Decisions on Action.

    • Consent. Always asking for consent when shifting between coach & mentor role, and when sharing personal stories/experience to illustrate a principle.

  3. Add Value

    • Goals. You're achieving the Goals you've set for our work together, 

    • Confidence. You're improving your Confident self-expression,

    • Mental Health. You're sustainably improving your Resilience, Positive Outlook on Life, Emotional Self-Regulation, and Self-Love. 

  4. Do No Harm

    • Here's a list of practices very common today, that are harmful to clients. I encourage You to stay away from any coach/mentor/therapist/healer who preaches any of these practices:

      1. The Universal Ultimate Goal

      2. Suppression of Critical Thinking

      3. Enforced Authority

      4. Assumption of a Faulty Client: "You're Broken"

      5. Demanding Blind Obedience

      6. Victim Blaming

      7. High-Pressure Sales

      8. Creating Authority by Polarizing Worldview

    • I discuss these points in detail in this article.

  5. Respect Confidentiality 

    • Everything we talk about is strictly private and confidential.


"Natural Masculine Confidence is your ability to handle and enjoy emotional tension."


""The goal I have set for the entire program duration - I have reached it in the first week I realized, that everything is possible. Thank you again for all that you did, Maros, it's priceless, really."

- released traumas and fears around women due to his past divorce

- fully released his life-long compulsive fear of being gay from childhood trauma

- went from lack of sexual presence with women to sexual confidence when approaching and dating women and getting amazing results [specifics upon request]

Daniel, Banking Associate

miso foto.jpg

"I'm astonished by how much differently I see the world today. I am enjoying emotional tension with women more than ever before. Without feeling guilty, and wanting to do everything right! Thank you, bro, you know your sh*t"

- raised his income by 500% in 6 weeks thanks to releasing the Nice Guy pattern in sales

- started to seek emotional tension instead of avoiding it, stopped pleasing women, flirts effortlessly, and started to enjoy women on a daily basis

- found an amazing girlfriend and decided to commit to a relationship

Michael, Entrepreneur


"I have been in self-development for quite time, but this is the only program I've been recommending to my friends and clients. This is not a motivational theory and chest-pumping but a laser-focus on getting real results."

- raised his income by 200% by gaining control over his emotions in trading and making decisions

- released apathy and increased business performance in thanks to reconnecting with joy and passion for his business

- massively improved long-term consistency in habits and improved his emotional well-being

Andrej, Investor & Entrepreneur

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