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Nice Guy Pattern.



Isn't it tiring, constantly having to be nice?

To always analyze, what's the best thing to do not to offend anyone - a woman, boss, colleague?

When did pleasing others turn from choice to an obligation?

These are some tough questions to answer because they challenge masculine confidence at its very core.

Most men don't have the courage to look inside and search for the truth of their reality.

It takes balls to face the truth and remain calm and constructive about it.

But here is also the truth:

No man had ever decided to embrace a Nice Guy pattern.

Nice Guy pattern is a learned behavior.

It's main component - avoiding emotional tension - is a survival mechanism that's running unconsciously.

All of the Nice Guy pattern's components serve to avoid emotional tension and unconsciously protect the psyche:

- faking smile in social discomfort

- agreeing with others out of fear of rejection/fear of being different

- fear of showing vulnerability

- difficulty with saying "NO" and setting boundaries

- fear of hurting other people

- fear of being uncovered as "fraud" by others (imposter syndrome)

- boring, mechanical conversations with women and lack of real connection

They are all a fawn stress reaction to an emotional flashback from CPTSD in the past.

All of these behaviors can be unlearned.

Nice Guy pattern can be unlearned and Authentic Masculine Confidence can be wired in.

It's another pattern, it just needs to be wired in.

The result is a new autopilot behavior based on:

1. Enjoying growth every day

2. Having beautiful experiences every day

3. Seeking emotional tension for growth, beauty, and a quest for adventure.

When these 3 become automatic, the result is Authentic Masculine Confidence.

Being on this website, chances are that you might be looking for more clarity on this topic.

You're in the right place.

If you're new with the Nice Guy pattern, I would recommend starting with the How To Heal Your Inner Nice Guy e-book.

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Masculine Confidence Growth Strategies

Free Facebook Group

I created a free Facebook group for growth-oriented men, who seek to grow through:

  1. building confidence with WOMEN, 

  2. being more real with other MEN, and 

  3. healing their relationship with their FATHER.

This group is designed to help men grow their masculinity and confidence so they can switch from overanalyzing and fearful behavior into thriving in their own skin, enjoying their challenges and living a life of adventure!

Success stories, live streams, Q&As, posts, and other elite-level resources about everything from healing the Nice Guy and Arrogant Macho archetypes, handling emotional tension with women, letting go of past traumas, family patterns, and MORE… It's all there, so just join us!

What do men struggle with today?


Benjamin feels overwhelmed with his new business leadership position 

Benjamin is in his 30s. He struggles with his new position of project manager. He used to avoid conflicts successfully in the past, but in his new position, it seems impossible. He feels like he has too much on his plate.

1. He struggles with saying “no”, and therefore has an overwhelming workload.
2. He often feels that he is losing in the important deals he makes because he doesn’t want to offend anyone and create a perfect win-win for all parties.
3. He feels like he is unable to sell his ideas to the team and his clients because they just wouldn’t listen to him.

He is frustrated and now has fear of failure.


Peter is frustrated from his behaviour around women in his dating life 

Peter is in his early 20s. He feels a lot of frustration around his sex life. When he is with a woman he is attracted to, he seems to have a conflict of interests:
1. He desires the woman sexually and he wants sex with her.
2. But he is also afraid to express this truth out of fear of losing what he already has with her.


He wants more, but he doesn't take any action out of fear of getting less. Saying "I like you, you turn me on." seems too direct. Instead, he waits for his perfect opportunity while trying to seduce her "indirectly". It never works out but he doesn't lose hope and tries harder.


Josh feels like a failure because he is unable to achieve orgasm 

Josh is in 40s. He has found a new girlfriend. He believes he has to be a perfect lover in her eyes in order to be good enough for her. His mind is so occupied with outstanding sexual performance, that there is no space for the present moment and connecting with his lover.


During sex, he is not relaxed, but anxious. His nervous system is overwhelmed with all that thinking and worrying about his performance. What if she leaves him? Because he is unable to relax, he is unconsciously blocking the flow of sexual energy in his body, and eventually, he creates all the scenarios he is afraid of the most.
He feels guilty for his perceived sexual failure and as a result, he tries harder - but using the same strategy only magnifies the results he already produced.

All of these guys struggle for the same reason.

I describe it in-depth AND I give free advice on the steps towards healing in my free eBook.

Many men are shocked how much they see themselves in the book.



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Success Stories

"I can't say enough good things about Maros.


He is one of the most knowledgable people I know in terms of human relationships, and he has deep passion for helping identify and navigate their own struggles and fears in this regard.


What I love most about Maros is his commitment to overcoming fear himself, which allows him to very directly help others who are struggling to cross bridges that he himself has already crossed."

-Chris, Washington DC

My story

Being a Nice Guy most of my life, I sought respect and validation of others through achievement and being nice to everyone, hoping the world will be nice to me.

I became the national vice-champion in classical guitar & proficient in the Cuban Salsa and Afrocuban movement. I was fluent in 5 languages. I had a prestigious finance job, launched a tech company for a VC fund and led an educational NGO.

I was successful in my CV and I was nice to people.

However, under all this, there was a lot of rage, frustration, apathy, and sadness from lacking real emotional connection and deeper meaning behind all my chasing.


Gradually, I became depressed.

I went for therapy.

Very slowly I got a bit better and...then things got WAY worse.


Suicidal thoughts started to chase me and I had to consult a psychiatrist

During my lowest point, I decided that I will rather die trying to figure it all out than give up and live a life in apathy, depression and on drugs.

I decided to test everything that exists to get better and to never stop, no matter what.

I hired the best coaches, I did Rogers' Encounter Groups, Tony Robbins events, The Fearless Man events, I did Public Speaking Trainings and Stand-Up performances, Wim Hof training and events, Qi Gong training, Tantra work, Releasing & Embodiment, ACIM, and other stuff.

When I tapped into my inner resources, I stopped searching for solutions in the outer world. I discovered my own power and things started to change very quickly. 

Looking back, my life has been the greatest adventure I could wish for. My endless seeking for validation through achievement turned into a commitment to a never-ending growth to the next level and continuous increase of quality of my life - in wealth, relationships, sex, business, and family.

Even though it was a pain in the ass at times, today I am grateful. Because if it weren't that past, I would never have my mission-

"-to help other Men reach success and find fulfillment through living their lives at their edge."

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Hi, I'm Maros. 

I help people transform their lives. I work mostly with men in areas of relationships, business and sex.

I have worked with hundreds of people in 1-on-1 coaching and group settings. 


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