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Parallel Lines
Hi, I'm Maros.

I help men radically increase their Natural Masculine Confidence in the areas of Dating & Romantic Relationships, Busines and Sex.

Nice Guy Pattern.


You are an ambitious man and you're excited about what life has to offer.
In business, you know you can make things happen and you can make it fast.
You have a high tolerance for discomfort in order to achieve a long-term goal.

You also have a fast mind and you know you're good at what you do.

However, you're also experiencing the downsides of your type A personality traits:
- people-pleasing and the Nice Guy pattern, perfectionism
- feelings of emasculation in your Romantic Relationship
- loneliness around women in your dating life
- lack of boundaries,
- survival mode: fear of failure, social anxiety, overthinking & swings between emotional numbness and overwhelm
- avoiding emotional tension in social settings and panic in high-tension situations,
- a culmination of the previous points into disconnection from the body and poor sexual performance.

You're aware of the problem and you want to resolve it because you won't allow things to get worse.

Maybe you normalized the pain of these challenges and never really faced them.
Maybe you've already done a massive amount of work but it feels like you're still missing something.

Either way, if you're looking for a long-term solution that is sustainable for both your Confidence and Mental Health, I can help.

By doing a deep work with emotional tension, I can help you develop:
- Mental Confidence: you have total clarity about your Goal and the resilience required to achieve it,
- Emotional Confidence: you can regulate your nervous system (emotions) and you can lead others to regulate theirs which makes you an effective Leader - whether you're on a date with your woman or in a board room,
- Sexual Confidence: you are in charge of your Sexual Energy and you use it to experience a limitless pleasure for yourself (without ejaculating) and your woman while fueling your creative energy.

Integrating your Mental, Emotional & Sexual Confidence aligns you with your Natural Masculine Confidence.

In other words, your head energy (following a clearly-defined Goal), heart energy (love and compassion), and y
our cock energy (grounding and your instinctual desire to Lead) are aligned towards a single direction, which energetically makes you the most effective you can be - that's why you get results.

You can handle emotional tension in social settings with integrity, you can handle the feminine energy of your date/girlfriend/wife with loving dominance, you have absolute clarity on your goals and your Vision and you can last in bed for over 1 hour, enjoy yourself and make your woman go crazy in ecstasy.

I helped managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and CEOs transform their lives using deep work with emotional tension. To learn more about how it works, get my FREE eBook Natural Masculine Confidence.


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Natural Masculine Confidence!

Discover the core essence behind my clients' transformations in their careers and love life.

If you want to be notified when the Masterclass is released, sign up here and get an eBook on Natural Masculine Confidence for FREE.

Success stories


"I'm astonished by how much differently I see the world today. I am enjoying emotional tension with women more than ever before. Without feeling guilty, and wanting to do everything right! Thank you, bro, you know your sh*t!"

- raised his income by 300% by embracing tension in his business activities
- flirts effortlessly& enjoyed dating multiple women
- eventually found an amazing girlfriend and decided to commit to a relationship



Brian D.

Entrepreneur, Athlete & Coach


Rated: 5/5


"The goal I have set for the 8 weeks - I have reached in the first week! That's crazy! I realized, that everything is possible. This is a complete next level from all the pick-up I've done in the past!"

- released traumas and fears around women due to his past divorce

- released his life-long compulsive fear of being gay from a childhood trauma into full freedom, being able to make jokes and laugh at himself on the topic

- went from lack of sexual presence with women to approaching and meeting an attractive girl, and kissing her within 15 minutes, without any techniques whatsoever



Dan H.

Watch Daniel's entire testimonial here:

Former Banking Associate


Rated: 5/5


Andrej Novak

"Being able to control my emotions is the most important thing in my business. Not only it helps perform better, it also helps me feel joy and fulfillment from my everyday work."

Key achievements:
- raised his income by 200% by gaining control over his emotions
- released apathy and increased business performance in thanks to reconnecting with joy and passion for his business

Entrepreneur & Investor

Watch Andrej's entire testimonial here:




Rated: 5/5

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