I Help Male Achievers Master Their Mental, Emotional & Sexual Confidence to Drive Results in their Business & Love Life.

Nice Guy Pattern.
Imposter Syndrome.
Overthinking & Overwhelm.

You are an ambitious man and you're excited about what life has to offer.
In business, you know you can make things happen and you can make it fast.
You have a high tolerance to discomfort in order to achieve a long-term goal.

You have a fast mind and you know you're good at what you do.

However, many men with these personality traits experience many of their downsides too:
- people-pleasing, perfectionism
- Nice Guy pattern, Imposter Syndrome
- sexual challenges caused by impossibly high standard, unconscious expectations & past conditioning
- social anxiety, fear of failure, overthinking & overwhelming emotional intensity
- emotional numbness, workoholism & poor love life.

Some of these men normalize the pain of these challenges and never really face them.
But those who tackle them, will take their life to the level that is unimaginable for most men on Earth.

Man who masters the 3 areas of his inner world is UNSTOPPABLE:
- Mental: he has total clarity about his Purpose and place in the World,
- Emotional: he can recognize his own emotions and release them as necessary, which allows him to be an effective communicator in leadership and love life
- Sexual: he is in charge of his Sexual Energy and uses it to experience limitless pleasure and he fuels his creativity.

Man who integrated his Mental, Emotional & Sexual Confidence is what I call
The Integrated Man.

He is a leader that handles emotional tension with integrity, he enjoys the responsibility of building meaningful business, he can handle the feminine spirit of his lover, he has absolute clarity on his life-direction and he learned how to last in bed for over 1 hour and bring himself and his woman to ecstacy.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, no more Imposter Syndrome, no more anxiety.

And the best thing about him is not his outrageous success in the world, but the inner peace that he radiates.


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Success stories

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"I'm astonished by how much differently I see the world today. I am enjoying emotional tension with women more than ever before. Without feeling guilty, and wanting to do everything right! Thank you, bro, you know your sh*t!"

- raised his income by 500% by cutting the Nice Guy pattern out of his business activities

- started to seek emotional tension instead of avoiding it, stopped pleasing women, flirts effortlessly, and started to enjoy women on a daily basis

found an amazing girlfriend and decided to commit to a relationship



Michael Duchon

Entrepreneur, Athlete & Coach


Rated: 5/5


"The goal I have set for the entire program duration - I have reached it in the first week! I realized, that everything is possible. Thank you again for all that you did, Maros, it's priceless, really."

- released traumas and fears around women due to his past divorce

- released his life-long compulsive fear of being gay from a childhood trauma into full freedom, being able to make jokes and laugh at himself on the topic

- went from lack of sexual presence with women to approaching and meeting an attractive girl, and kissing her within 15 minutes, without any techniques whatsoever



Dan H.

Watch Daniel's entire testimonial here:

Dating & Confidence Coach


Rated: 5/5


Andrej Novak

"I have been in self-development for quite time, but this is the only program I've been recommending to my friends and clients. This is not a motivational theory and chest-pumping but a laser-focus on getting real results."

Key achievements:
- raised his income by 200% by gaining control over his emotions
- released apathy and increased business performance in thanks to reconnecting with joy and passion for his business

Entrepreneur & Investor

Watch Andrej's entire testimonial here:



Rated: 5/5


About me

My name is Maros Cincura and I am helping male high-achievers master their mental, emotional and sexual confidence to drive their results in business & love life. Book a free session and let's see if I can help you too.