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  • [interview] Brian Begin from The Fearless Man: Fear, Guilt, Overcoming Social Anxiety, Meditation and Masculinity

  • [interview] Frank Clark from Lewis & Clark: Passion for Business, Gratitude, and Entrepreneurship

  • [interview] Zan Perrion from Ars Amorata: his own personal transformation, beauty of living and seduction

  • [interview] Ruwan Meepagala [men's coach and sex cult survivor] on Sex Cults, Manipulation, Magical Thinking, Erectyle Dysfunction and Rope Bondage

  • [interview] George Juscsak [Exec Director@JP Morgan] on his life journey & views on Nice Guys

  • [interview] Kevin Parker on his Drug Addiction, Recovery, Coma, Near Death Experience & Victim Mentality

  • [interview] Om Rupani on [D/S teacher] Dominance/Submission, Masculine and Feminine Aggression and Nice Guy Syndrome

  • [interview] Benjamin Hardy on his Blogging Success, Extreme Personal Adaptability, Confidence & Practical Spirituality

  • [interview] Jeremy Lasman on Working With Elon Musk, Comic Books, Weirdness, Technology, Consciousness & AI

I interviewed Brian Begin from The Fearless Man: Fear, Guilt, Overcoming Social Anxiety, Meditation and Masculinity

Brian is a founder and a main coach at The Fearless Man. He used to have social anxiety to the level of Agoraphobia. Not only he has discovered how to gain confidence, but he is also now a successful entrepreneur and coach.


We talked about:

- his story of overcoming social anxiety

- nature of Fear and Guilt

- how to get out of your head (how to stop being too analytical)

- Masculine/Feminine polarity

I interviewed Frank Clark from Lewis & Clark: Passion for Business, Gratitude, and Entrepreneurship

Francis Lincoln (or Frank Clark or Mr. Orange) has been a serial Entrepreneur for over 50 years starting at the age of 8. He has started, created, and sold several multinational companies that produced hundreds of millions of dollars, worked with startups, and Fortune 50 companies around the globe. Recognized by top marketing firms as one of the Top CEO’s in his field, Frank has combined his unique methods of management and sales along with programs from Dale Carnegie, Wilson Counselor, and Sandler Sales to produce accomplished sales and marketing teams.

We talked about:

- his story of how he became entrepreneur

- the state of being "stuck" in life/business and how to get out of it

- gratitude

- how social conditioning influences the view we have on ourselves

- what makes Frank passionate about business

I interviewed Zan Perrion from Ars Amorata: his own personal transformation, beauty of living and seduction

Zan is a globally recognized author, speaker, coach, philosopher, and... as he likes to call himself - a gypsy pirate. Being a legend in the world of dating, some call him the world's greatest seducer. Zan has always focused on a very "natural" approach to dating and seduction... shying away from routines, scripts and all the other things that make dating and romance creepy.


With his rich history with women and with the deep passion he has for them, Zan offers an almost opposite perspective to the other PUAs and dating gurus out there. Instead of continually being obsessed with your self, try the true charmer's way of focusing on the magic of the woman in front of you. An entire chapter of the New York Times bestseller "The Game" by Neil Strauss was devoted to Zan, and he's become extremely well-known for his more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women, romance, and pursuit of more exciting relationships through romance.


Today he teaches men how to better interact with women and how to be naturally attractive without using routines or techniques.


We talked about:

- Zan's personal transformation from a shy Nice Guy to who he is today

- "Beauty needs a witness" - how he discovered his passion and philosophy of beauty

- "Who am I?" - the importance of contemplation in the modern world -

- seduction as a means of self-expression

I interviewed Ruwan Meepagala on Sex Cults, Manipulation, Magical Thinking, Erectyle Dysfunction and Rope Bondage

Ruwan is a writer, coach for men and a recovered sex cult member.

Early in his 20s, Ruwan was shy, anxious and completely disconnected from his emotions. As a result, he developed erectile dysfunction that further fueled his social anxiety.

Thanks to his dedication to growth and his ability to make bold decisions, he embarked on a journey of adventure, perseverance, and self-discovery.

Ruwan is unique not only for his cult experiences but also because of his transformation in the areas of confidence, sex life, ability to connect with others and eventually, designing the life of his dreams.


Today, Ruwan lives in Thailand and when he is not at home, he travels the world.


We talked about
- Ruwan's experience in the cult
- manipulation and open loops manipulation technique
- how magical thinking (as opposed to rational thinking) influences your beliefs and results
- erectile dysfunction and what men and women can do to heal it
- Shibari, the Japanese art of bondage

I interviewed George Juscsak [Exec Director@JP Morgan] on his life journey & views on Nice Guys

"I don't have time for Nice Guys. It's better to be wrong than to be nice." -George Juscsak

George is an Executive Director and the Senior Sales Executive for J.P. Morgan, the American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company.


He has more than 15 years of experience working in the financial markets and in the banking industry in the United States and Internationally. In his current role he is responsible for- and oversees the sales activities for J.P. Morgan Asset Management in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.


He is based in Vienna, Austria.


Prior to joining the European operations he worked on Wall Street as part of the J.P. Morgan Investment Bank. In his role as Vice President, he was a member of the Portfolio Strategies Group on the Fixed Income and Rates Products desk, working with the various US and international institutional investors. Before J.P. Morgan he worked for Bear Stearns in New York in a similar role, and in the Capital Markets Department of AmTrust Bank in Cleveland, Ohio.


George earned his MBA at the Case Western University, holds a CPA, Series 7 and 63 degrees and pursuing his PhD degree. He is an Honorary Professor at SZIE, and member of the MSc in Finance Advisory Committee of the Central European University.


We talked about:

- his journey from studying Agriculture in a small Eastern European country, working with forklift trucks, working in an orange farm all the way to joining the world of investment banking

- emotional intelligence and how he finds it completely normal to cry during a movie

- his relationship to father and its influence on his career choice and development

- the Nice Guy within him and how he copes with him

- how he deals with the Nice Guys in the business

I interviewed Kevin Parker on his Drug Addiction, Recovery, Coma, Near Death Experience & Victim Mentality


Kevin is an author, a coach and a hero in his own life's journey. 


Kevin became addicted to drugs early in his age. Despite great academic and athletic results, his life spiraled down.  At one moment he had lost functionality of all his organs, nervous system, he was in a coma for 3 weeks and he lost his leg. Doctors believed that it is impossible that he survives.

Not only he survived, today he is thriving!


Kevin is helping people to get empowerment and grow out of their addictions and reach successful recovery.

He speaks publicly about his story and his philosophy. He was already featured on FOX, CBS, NY1, New York Post, and Staten Island Advance.

We talked about:

- the story of his drug addiction and recovery

- coma and near death experience and how it changed his life and formed his new personality

- overcoming victim mentality

I interviewed Om Rupani on Dominance/Submission, Masculine and Feminine Aggression and Nice Guy Syndrome

"Women can be as aggressive or even more aggressive than men. Their aggression just has a different form due to our biological and social evolution." -Om Rupani

Om is a Dominance/Submission instructor, author, and photographer.


He demystifies taboo topics around sex and teaches couples & individuals how to introduce power play into their love lives in a sane, safe and consensual way. As a result, not only they enrich the quality of intimacy they experience, they also discover hidden parts of their psyche that they can finally integrate and live a more whole life.

Om is based in New Jersey.


We talked about:

- Dominance/Submission and the myth that the submissive loses in the play interaction

- Aggressive expression of the Masculine and the Feminine and how to integrate it for a constructive use

- The global epidemy of Nice Guys and some of the root causes for the situation we are in

- Integration of Sexual Archetypes - why is it helpful to know what turns you on and how it can help you have a better sex, relationship and ultimately - life.

I interviewed Dr. Benjamin Hardy on his Blogging Success, Extreme Personal Adaptability, Confidence & Practical Spirituality


Ben is one of the most successful bloggers in the world.


He started with nothing but a passion for writing and he grew his organic e-mail list to 400.000 in 3 years and today he successfully published 2 books: Willpower Doesn't Work and Personality Isn't Permanent.


His work is viewed by millions of people monthly and featured on Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Cheddar, Big Think, and many others. He is a regular contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today.

Ben is a father to 5 children - 3 adopted and 2 twins he had with his wife. All 5 came to his life within one year.


He is a man who is not afraid to take risks in life, has an unshakeable faith that things will eventually turn out well for him and these two strategies seem to work for him remarkably.

We talked about:
- how he learned how to blog and grew his organic subscribers to 400.000 in 3 years
- how he let go of his want for social approval when it comes to blogging
- how he adapted to the change of environment when children came to his life
- a practical spirituality and how he uses it for achievement and finding direction in life
- how our personalities are extremely limited by the goals we set

I interviewed Jeremy Lasman on Working With Elon Musk, Comic Books, Weirdness, Technology, Consciousness & AI

Jeremy is a speaker, actor, technologist who worked with Elon Musk in SpaceX in its early-stage startup phase, and today a coach!


A business graduate of Chapman University, Jeremy Lasman worked as a technologist with Elon Musk and Branden Spikes at SpaceX, when it was an early-stage startup. He played a pivotal role in igniting the public’s excitement for space travel at a time when it seemed an impossible dream.


After leaving SpaceX, Jeremy took time out to focus on his personal development and inner evolution. Having been a lifelong skeptic, he devoted himself to a more mystical journey, and his studies lead him to epic discoveries and paradigm-shattering ideas. His personal work is now impacting individuals on their pursuit of a successful and fulfilled life.

Jeremy is a Dark Luxury Artisan, SuperConscious Accelerator, speaker, actor, and massive professional wrestling fan. He’s also known as The Professor of Passion, a mad scientist radically researching the Field of Passion, building on Albert Einstein’s work.


We talked about:

- experiences of working with Elon Musk

- Jeremy's success in turning personal struggle into success launching a comic franchise

- acceptance of the feelings of weirdness

- links between nature, the human mind, technology and consciousness

- organic intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

- working with time element in coaching

I interviewed Sam Pond on his Personal Transformation, Healing the Inner Nice Guy and Thoughts on Love

Sam is a Men's Coach.


He has been a Shakespearean actor, an award-winning writer, and director in advertising. If you're familiar with the tagline "Never Stop Exploring" of the brand North Face - Sam is its author!


Sam was married for 15 years and has a 21-year-old son. He traveled over 50 countries, hiked and climbed mountains all over the world, fly-fished big rivers. Today, he brings all of these experiences to his true passion - helping set men free.

We talked about:

- Sam's personal journey from art to business to coaching

- his body completely shutting down at a certain point in his life and the transformation it triggered

- Nice Guy Syndrome and how childhood experiences shape the NG psyche

- The feeling of Love and practical thoughts on how to feel more love in one's life

I interviewed Steffo Shambo on Truths and Myths about Tantra, Basics of Energetics, Male Porn & Masturbation

Steffo Shambo is the founder of The Tantric Man Experience and not a typical Swedish dude.


His specialty is to empower men to realize their full masculine confidence, intimate power, and depth of connection to their partner. He has helped hundreds of men from all around the world to master their sexual energy and save their marriages. Finding his purpose to be of service to men in this world, started already at a very young age.


As a boy, Steffo was always intrigued by the mysterious and unknown. His questions concerning the nature of reality, Truth, and the meaning of life led him to leave his home country of Sweden in search of answers at the young age of 22. In 2007, he set out on a pilgrimage around the world and he traveled to more than 21 countries, lived in several spiritual communities, and sat at the feet of many enlightenment masters – among them Sadhguru, Mooji, and Prem Baba.


After nonstop seeking and traveling for four years Steffo finally discovered traditional Yoga and Tantra, and he started to study esoteric tantric philosophy and practice in the foothills of the Himalayas. He returns to Mother India yearly to continue his study of the traditional texts of Yoga and Tantra. He completed a four-year spiritual curriculum of 950-hours of accredited Tantra Yoga study and practice. His life experiences have led him on a hero’s journey, where he had to conquer inner demons to find his true power and purpose. His journey reached a complete circle when he was initiated into manhood through a series of rites of passages of ten days of fasting, seven days of silent meditation in a dark room retreat, countless austerities, yogic purifications, and deep shadow work to shed layers of the ego-mind.


He is now passionate to guide other men through their own rites of passage in his mentorship program The Tantric Man Experience.


We talked about:

- Steffo's journey from the average Swedish boy to becoming a tantra instructor

- Popular myths about tantra and the truth about this ancient Indian practice

- Basics of energetics and how to recognize the energy flow in your body

- Psychological reasons for male addiction to porn and masturbation

- Male orgasm and ejaculation

I interviewed Tabita Dietrich [PioneerU] on Getting Imprisoned in a Women's Prison in a Third World Country

Tabita Dietrich is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, coach and a leader.


Tabita was innocently imprisoned at the age of 23 for two years in an Afro-American third world country where the death penalty is still in use. Against all odds she managed to keep her spirits and positive mind up. In a prison full of Afro-American convicts she was one of four Caucasian women and was a victim of many racist, physical and psychological mistreatments.


During the time in prison she found out how to free herself from within and how to keep the mind and soul focused on one and only one goal: To stay alive. One of her secrets is the deep inner equilibrium and the power of keeping the mind in the present moment without fearing the future.


While she was imprisoned, she wrote seven books and submitted one of them which was published after she was released. It quickly became a bestseller and Tabita was featured on the national television and radio. At the age of 18, she started her entrepreneurial journey and after 10 years of hard work including rebuilding her company after the incarceration she today runs an international coaching and mentoring business on four continents and in two different languages that help entrepreneurs and companies maximize their business potential.


We talked about:

- What was she accused of and why

- How the process went before the final verdict of 2 years

- Her prisoner's dillema, whether to cooperate or fight the system

- Daily life in a women's prison - That practices that kept Tabita's mind sane

- How she eventually turned the situation around

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