Success Stories


"Coaching with Maros helped me SO MUCH!

For weeks and months I was like "I'm not sure." I was struggling with clarity on where do I go next with my career. Maros never gave me any answers. All he did was asking me questions.

And suddenly - 2 hours later - it got perfectly clear to me, like it's the most obvious thing, I should be doing. His ability to ask questions and guide you is off the charts. I have never seen anything like that. 

I can 200% recomend Maros as a coach. I know he had a massive transformation from a total Nice Guy to what he is now. This alone deserves a lot of respect and it's something I hardly see in the world. Also, when he coaches you, because he really had to go his own way, it really shows. He's not just talking out of theoretical knowledge out of books. He's talking because he had to apply it all himself.  "

Tim, Germany


"I can't say enough good things about Maros.


He is one of the most knowledgable people I know in terms of human relationships, and he has deep passion for helping identify and navigate their own struggles and fears in this regard.


What I love most about Maros is his commitment to overcoming fear himself, which allows him to very directly help others who are struggling to cross bridges that he himself has already crossed.

Lastly, and potentially most importantly, he is a man of honesty and integrity, and so I trust him completely."



Washington DC


"Session with Maros has been a transformational experience for me.


Firstly, because he is extremely knowledgeable and professional in the areas we targeted; plus he makes an effort to really dig deep into the roots of the issue and to break it down to details.
Also - he has this (what I think is very natural) talent to create a very safe, nurturing space that is (somehow magically) BOTH comforting to open up & address your issues AND challenging to get inspired and excited to grow.
And - thanks to his diverse background - he is able to analyze pretty complex scenarios and issues.

All in all, I would highly recommend him as a coach for anyone seeking growth that you can actually feel/experience right after (and sometimes during) sessions.

Thank you!"

Anna, New York


"I highly recommend Maros as a coach.


Intelligent, worldly, a man who is passionate about his own growth and the growth of others.


His sensitivity is extraordinary, his curiosity pure. If you so choose, you’ll be in the hands of a man you can trust with your journey."

Sam Pond, San Francisco


"My relationship with Maros has been a positive influence in my life.

Whenever in doubt of my own Life's plan I turn to him seeking advice. What I'm often astounded by is the depth of Maros' frame of ideals.


His approach towards an issue comes always from a place of deep existential & spiritual meaning. From that lense alone comes a reaffirming certainty that all things have their place in the greater picture. I think this precisely is one of Maros' greatest strengths: To look at a situation with unfaltering optimism, originating from deep spiritual groundedness. No matter what life throws at you, there is a reason for it.


Paradoxically, Maros manages to give deep, meaningful outlooks without losing touch with the practicality or the mundane. His advice is grounded in the reality we all go through, his ideas are free from bullshit.


I can only recommend Maros' growth-oriented insightfulness to anyone thinking about taking advantage of his services."

Raphaël, Germany


"I have been working with Maros for almost two years now. And I can only recommend him!

Maros helped me to finish my Master's degree that I have struggled with. Not only I finished university, now I am studying PhD. at even more prestigious university than before. When coached by Maros, I answer most of my questions myself thanks to his questions and the way he makes me think about my situation. I appreciate that when he feels I am bullshitting, he is not afraid to call it out loud and he is honest.

During our coaching, it is interesting to discover, how I am the one creating the blocks on my way to my goals.

Maros is an experienced coach, despite his young age."

Feri, Slovakia


"Maros has a highly developed abstract thinking, that serves him well to get to the root cause of any problem. Combined with his determination to grow and achieve, he is able to solve complex problems in a fast and elegant way.


On the emotional side - he is someone who can feel and process the heavy stuff while staying real and still maintain a positive outlook in the big picture.

His natural positive charm and charisma make others feel good around him. The consistency he keeps showing in his own life is a powerful asset for any of his coaching clients."

Brian Begin

(teacher & mentor)

FEARLESS founder


"After just one session with Maros I saw my problems from a completely different perspective than before. Even though I never really realized it fully - it finally dawned on me, that I was the one who saw things in black & white, totally overseeing the golden middle way.

During our session I had multiple key moments that had changed my thinking. I was surprised that after asking the right question I was able to come to my own answers all by myself.

Maros is a very intelligent and accountable man. The peace and calmness he radiates allowed me to feel relaxed.during our conversation.  I am pleasantly surprised with this type of coaching experience and I recommend it to anyone."




"Maros is talented coach who has proven through his own life, his abilities to help men achieve their greatest potential."

Ruwan Meepagala,

New York


"I have met Maros for the first time around a year ago. He was relatable from the very first moment.

Maros has dived deep into his fears and dedicated time and discipline to improve his life, connecting with women, men, and his emotions. Maros is a man of action, development, and creation.

Listening to Maros he comes up with refreshing perspectives about breaking through fears and expanding one's comfort zone. And after the initial goal is accomplished he focuses on the next step.

Maros has a strong commitment and self-understanding and it comes off when he coaches others about their goals."


Medicine student



"An exceptional leader.


Someone who is committed to elevating his game at any moment.

Maros does not only teach but also walk his talk.


You can be sure that having Maros as your life mentor will guarantee your success."

Fernando Moreno, Australia

[Tony Robbins Coach]


"Maros made it very safe to open up.

He provided me with the support and perspective I needed to evolve personally. He listens with precision and guided me gently to arrive at my own answers.

He is the first coach I consistently met with, and I can say with absolute confidence that his teachings on vulnerability, emotional intelligence, and intimacy have positively enriched my life. I found a loving partner who meets my needs deeply and consistently.

If you're hesitant about coaching like I was, don't be; with Maros, the process is easeful, direct, effective, and encouraging. Maros does not only teach but also walk his talk."



Los Angeles