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CASE STUDY: How 20-year-old Virgin Became a Tantric Lover With a Beautiful Girlfriend

"I am always nice and I hate it."

This is how my conversation with Mike, a frustrated 20-year-old virgin, began.

He was an outgoing person, he loved being surrounded by friends, but when it came to communication with women, he was paralyzed.

"It feels like the moment I approach them, there is a switch in my head, and I immediately start overthinking, I feel fake, I try to be nice so that she doesn't get offended, as if me liking her was some mortal sin or what..."

He had such a strong unconscious desire to get approval from women, that it was leaking out every time he was interacting with women.

"Every time I feel emotional tension around women, I start to do things to push it away - softening the tension, avoiding the weirdness, awkward jokes. The conversations end up boring, and robotic, and it just doesn't feel like me. I feel like women don't enjoy it and of course, they don't! I'm not enjoying them either!"

Mike had a very poor relationship with emotional tension.

For him, it was extremely uncomfortable. He believed, that the women disliked tension just like he did. So he was avoiding it for himself - and for their "benefit" too. He was nice. He had no idea, that emotional tension was the very basis of emotional connection, attraction, flirting, and the entire seduction dance.

"I don't understand it. It makes no sense. I've been trying so hard, I read books, I took workshops, I watched videos, I work on myself, and yet, I'm still a virgin and it sucks."

Mike's shame about being a virgin only made things worse as it put even more pressure on him to perform when it came to communication with women.

"I don't feel it's getting any better."

He was in a vicious cycle:

Avoiding tension -> overthinking -> failure to figure it out -> beating himself up -> trying harder to avoid tension -> repeat.

But because he was coming from a disempowered emotional state already plus he was trying to suppress emotions he felt, all his efforts only led to even more disappointment.

"I feel like a failure. I know I have so much to give. Why does it never work out for me with women? I wonder if I will ever have enough confidence to find a woman that I'd be happy with..."

Then Mike saw one of my posts on Facebook.

He understood that he needed to shift his patterns of avoiding tension, releasing the repressed emotional baggage he was carrying around for years, and learning how to enjoy the emotional tension with women.

After Mike saw an opportunity to book a free call with me, he did not think for a second.

On the call, we quickly got to the root cause of the problem and Mike immediately got down to work.

"Releasing is life-changing! I'm doing all that stuff to myself! I'm literally rejecting myself long before the girl even has a chance to! I can now see it clearly!"

Mike started to work on his tension skills, 1% a day. Knowing exactly what he had to work on, his progress was fast. He stopped sabotaging himself with women, and for the first time in his life, he started to enjoy the tension.

"It's so much fun! I don't care whether she will enjoy it or not. I enjoy it! And thanks to that, she enjoys it almost always!"

He had engaging and funny interactions with women. The next step was clear: creating and enjoying sexual tension.

"It's crazy that I would literally kill any tension, completely destroying any chance of having an enjoyable, flirty conversation. Now I just create it on purpose and have fun."

See, women always follow men in how they perceive themselves.

Once Mike stopped chasing approval from women and started to enjoy himself first, women started to follow his lead and enjoy him - and themselves. Once women felt safe with him, they just joined him in enjoying himself and suddenly he was naturally attractive.

But wait, it gets better...

Mike not only kissed a girl and lost his virginity to a beautiful girl he randomly approached on a hike in a forest. I also showed him the secrets of Sexual Transmutation, which he mastered and now he enjoys tantric sex with his new girlfriend.

"Man, this is a dream life! This is exactly how I imagined it, it's crazy! She's beautiful, she's talented, she's into self-development. And she's totally into exploring the unknown and joining me for the adventures that I love so much!"

But Mike got way more than the sex he craved for.

Sex and physical affection with women is great, being in a relationship with an amazing girlfriend is even better.

But it's all just a side effect of something much greater:

He became a man with Natural Masculine Confidence.

Man who doesn't carry around his emotions and negativity, but releases them as they show up. Man who knows how to create emotional and sexual tension with his woman, and keep the spark in his relationship for the rest of his life. Man who seeks tension to live a life of adventure.

Now, Mike is not special.

He's a man, just like you and me.

Mike has a pair of testicles that produce testosterone, a big heart, and a dream of living a great life as a man.

If it is possible for a regular guy like Mike to go from being an overthinking, overly nice, frustrated virgin to being a guy who has tantric sex with a beautiful, confident woman who loves life and enjoys self-development...

...then could it be that it is possible for you too?

The answer is: I don't know.

That's what the Breakthrough Calls are for. I'm doing them for free, because on that call I discover whether I can help you the same way and whether we're a good fit.

Once we're online, I will ask you questions to find out exactly where you are and whether you are ready for this work. If the answer is YES, then I will show you what that would look like.

Just by participating in the Breakthrough Call, you will get more clarity than from reading your last 3 books on dating and confidence.

So if you're ready to make a shift and claim your Natural Masculine Confidence, book a free call with me and we'll see if I can help.

Starting your journey couldn't be easier.

*Client's name was changed to protect his privacy.

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