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4 Stages of Man’s Evolution of Relating to Women

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Most men will never make it to the final stage.

It’s no wonder that men love women.

Men experiencing the radiance of feminine beauty are speechless.

Feminine loving vulnerability makes every man want to protect, care and cherish what he witnesses.

A beautiful woman, certain about who she is in her feminine is incredibly attractive, but equally scary for an immature man.

So how do we, men, relate to women during our journey through life?

Based on where you are in your journey, it’s very likely that your relationship with women is described by one of these stages.

1. THE ONE AND THE ONLY: First stage.

Man believes, that somewhere in the world there is one woman and one woman only, that is perfectly designed for him and he just needs to find her and never let her go in order to live a happy life.

This woman will love h