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The Most Important Question of a Powerful Leader

Yes or No. Judgment. Decision. Execution. Bulshi**ing & Self-Delusion become impossible. There's nowhere to hide.

Dominant Man's operating Mind is Binary.

That's because the Masculine Core is Binary.

Black & White.

The reason why it's Binary is because his Purpose is Binary.

His Purpose is his Reason for the Existence.

It's Outcome-Driven.

His Purpose is the basis for his Vision:

What kind of man does he want to become?

What kind of contribution does he want to make to the World?

What kind of career does he want to have?

What kind of relationship does he want to have?

What health does he want to have?

How much money does he want to make?


His Purpose & Vision then become the driver of his Life Curriculum.

From the moment he knows his Purpose & Vision, Man makes Binary decisions defined by 1 simple sentence:

"Will this bring me to my Purpose faster?"

Based on the answer to this question he makes Judgments.

Those lead to Decisions, and ultimately Taking Action.

Finally, when he Takes Action, he EITHER moves closer to his Vision, OR learns to Judge better.


What he chooses to Learn, Experience, Accept, Reject, Create, and Destroy is decided by Himself and Himself only.

Not by his Parents.

Not by his Best Friends.

Not by his Woman.

Not by his Government.

Not by his Priest, Pastor, Coach, Mentor, Psychotherapist, or Guru.

It's decided by Himself and Himself only.

"Will this help me achieve my Purpose faster?"

Yes or no.

Right thing or Wrong thing.

Judgment, Decision, Execution.

"Will this help me to protect my family?"

"Will this help me deepen trust with my woman?"

"Will this help me to make my business sustainable?"

It's binary.

It's simple.

That's why it works.

It's so simple, that for women, it's confusing and fascinating at the same time.

But today's Emasculated Man doesn't know this.

He's paralyzed by all the choices he has.

By all the possibilities of what he could do...

By all the angles he can look at his life from...

By all the people he wants to avoid offending...

By all the tools he wants to do before he can start chasing his Dreams.

Oh God, all the videos he has to watch, all the journalling he has to do, all the meditation.

Which one is the right one?

His Operating Mind is not Binary.

Instead of Black & White, it's 50 Shades of Grey.

Every time he comes close to a decision, his 50 Shades of Grey mindset will create an opposition to the Energy that he generated up until that point, neutralize it, and set him back.

He's stuck again, watching Facebook Reels, IGs of strangers he doesn't even know, and in the extreme - masturbating to escape the painful reality he's in for at least a brief moment of relief.

There is nothing wrong with the Emasculated Man.

He's just disconnected from his Masculine Core.

He learned that it's wrong to be Binary.

"It sounds radical. It's too extreme. Extremes are wrong."

,he will say.

He still hears the echo of "TOXIC MASCULINITY" somewhere in the back of his mind ever since he heard it for the first time and it reinforced his already existing Fear of being evil and Shame for being a Man.

He's so afraid to make mistakes, so afraid to FAIL, that he became 50 Shades of Grey just so he can have enough mental flexibility to rationalize away the Abandonment of his own Dreams.

But deep inside, he knows.

And will always know.

Because the Need to Lead of his Masculine Core is Indestructible.

It's Instinctual, permanently imprinted on his Testicles.

Therefore, Man, for one brief moment, try something:

Forget about what everyone thinks of you.

Forget what everyone has ever told you is possible and not.

Go inside and connect with the Naive, Innocent, Curious, Playful & Passionate part of you, the Real You...

...and connect with that "Itch".

What is it?

That Burning Desire that you've been familiar with already, you just shut it down because you Judged it as too unreal.

It's been there ever since you remember.

It's like an invisible thread intertwined through your life.


Connect with that.

Then create a Vision.

See how it contributes to Yourself, your Woman, your Family, your Career & Society AT THE SAME TIME.

Distill its Essence.

And feel it in every cell in your body.

Feel how it Nurtures you and Energizes you.

That's your Purpose.

You Rocket Fuel.

Now, Take Action and Iterate your Purpose as you evolve.

Keep it Alive and never let it go.

From this moment onward, make Binary decisions.

"Will this bring me to my Purpose faster?"

Yes or No.




Bulshi**ing & Self-Delusion become impossible.

There's nowhere to hide.

Need to spend some time alone?

Meditate? Journal? Process your Emotions?

Asking for help?


"Will this bring me to my Purpose faster?"


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