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The Ultimate Guide To The Morning Routine

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The secret I’ve learned thanks to doing the routine for 4 years, never skipping a day.

morning routine exercise ritual confidence consistency discipline
Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash

I started my morning routine by a complete accident while working on my mental health.

I used to have suicidal thoughts and anxiety attacks. To survive the day, I embraced a habit of finding 3 things I am grateful for immediately after waking up.

I did it religiously, every single morning.

Later I learned to soothe my anxiety immediately by taking 30 slow, deep breaths. It worked reliably, so I practiced the technique almost daily. Eventually, I started to do it as a prevention every morning after I brushed my teeth.

I was getting better!

So I added push-ups.

Then some stretching a few months later.

Some writing.

I experimented — I added something and took something away.

Over the next 4 years, this is how my life changed:

  • reduced anxiety by c. 90%

  • reduced daily fatigue by c. 50%

  • eliminated the disturbing unwanted thoughts 99%

  • changed my subconscious patterns radically (in combination with evening journalling)

  • reduced lower back pain by c. 80%

  • removed upper spine blockages completely

  • I’ve run a triathlon despite doctors saying my thigh will never be fully functional after I tore my psoas muscle 3 times

  • full elimination of seasonal flu

  • being fit without going to the gym

  • learned to circulate the sexual energy in the body and improved my sexual well-being

I am literally a different human being today and I believe the Morning Routine had the biggest impact on that.

morning routine exercise ritual confidence consistency discipline
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

This is what my mornings look like today:

  • Wake up at 6am every day

  • Hygiene, incl. cleaning my face and hands with ice-cold water (10m)

  • Having a glass of hot water with squeezed lemon while wondering (10m)

  • Going through journal entries I’ve written the last day (15m)

  • Strength workout (20m)

  • Yoga (10m)

  • 3 rounds of Wim Hof Breathing technique (20m)

  • Bob Proctor Abundance meditation (23m)

  • Contrast cold shower (start cold — then warm — end cold) (7m)

  • After the shower, I start my workday.

To make the upgrades you want in your life, it is important to understand, why Morning routine works.


Why morning routine works without exception

The human psyche can change in two ways:

  • Intense emotional event. Person reevaluates their life views immediately (for instance after a traumatic or near-death experience, childbirth, or a positive peak state experience).

  • Gradual adaptation process. Once the person is continuously exposed to a stimulus in their environment (for instance new culture peer group at school/work, etc.) they will adapt and change.

Morning routine not only makes your body and mind healthier because of its elements (workout, meditation, etc.), it also changes your psyche because of consistent living up to a higher standard. 

The change can be dramatic and this is why:

  1. 1% daily growth = 2.700% growth over a year. Unnoticeable daily gains compound over time and create exponential growth, that would be impossible to achieve without daily consistency.

  2. Starting the day triggers a winner-effect — a scientifically proven psychological and biological phenomenon, where few small wins in a row increase the probability of winning larger “battles” throughout the day). That’s why doing your bed in the morning, is recommended by psychologists as well as Navy Seal commanders. Making your bed in the morning makes you become part of the top 27% of the world while having a morning routine, puts you in the top 0,0001% club of the planet.

  3. Self-respect and self-love. Committing to doing what you know is good for your body and mind, and staying consistent with it is an ultimate expression of self-respect and self-love.