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"Masculine energy is destructive. Therefore I'm a feminist."

"Masculine energy is destructive. Therefore I'm a feminist."

He said.

This was a sad moment for me.

Another emasculated man.

A man, who is afraid and ashamed of being a man. A man, who believes that the his core masculine essence is bad. A man, who secretly believes, he's a Tyrant.

This man is living in an excruciating fear of hurting others. Especially women.

And because he can't deal with so much tension (fear and anxiety will show up as emotional tension), he will form a rational belief system, that will help him behave in a way that protects others (especially women) from his latent destructiveness.

He will do whatever it takes to avoid taking responsibility and with that, he will let others lead him - especially his woman.

Self-castrated mr. Nice Guy.

But hey, he figured it out! He's safe and he even stood up for a better world! ...except his "cause" lies in giving all his power away.</