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Is Your Fear of Being a Narcissist Destroying Your Relationship?

Self-doubt and fear of narcissism sabotage your love life. Discover strategies to reclaim your confidence and strengthen relationship polarity.

Is Your Fear of Being a Narcissist Destroying Your Relationship?

So you have a Fear of being a Narcissist...

That oppressive, selfish & insensitive man.

You love your Woman dearly, but somehow you're failing to prove that to her repeatedly.

"You don't care about me!" she twists the knife in a conversation, being unable to even imagine what's happening inside you.

NOW you really feel it.

"How the FU*K is this even possible?!?" you wonder...'ve been doing EVERYTHING you could to make the relationship work. reached beyond the bottom of your patience. used your entire intellectual firepower to understand her.

You're at the edge of your mental capacity.


"Why do you have to overcomplicate everything?" she asks impatiently when you give it one more try.

How is it possible, that your extreme effort makes no difference?

What the hell is this about?

"What if I'm a Narcissist?" a thought creeps in again. "What if I'm just incapable of a genuine, loving relationship?"

You notice Fear and Guilt rising.

The thought becomes terrifying.

"NO!" you snap out of it. "I'm going to prove to her and myself, that I care!"

And you'll GIVE her your ALL again.

You'll GIVE her what she wants.

What she NEEDS!

"The sacrifice will be worth it." you tell yourself.

You MUST crack it eventually!

Because if pushing yourself THIS MUCH is not loving, then what else is?

So you have a Fear of being a Narcissist...

MEN: She's the one who is making decisions in your own head.

Your problem is, you're running 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

You are giving your Woman authority to Judge you.

You abandoned yourself in the name of "Love".

And now you'll do whatever it takes to prove yourself to her.

To live up to her Judgment.

Your Giving is not a Gift.

Neither to her.

Nor to yourself.

Your Giving is an effort to break free from your Fear and Guilt.

It's an effort to win her positive Judgment so you have peace of mind.

If you do well, you hope to earn an imaginary "Good Man" badge.

The Ultimate Proof, you're not a Narcissist.

An oppressor.

And this is a problem.

Because she's Leading.

With her Judgment of you.

"Good Man" vs. "Bad Man"

You promoted her Judgment to your Highest Authority.

You Judge yourself through her.

And through that, she leads.

Do you see that?

She's the one who makes decisions in your own head.

Her Judgment is what drives your decision-making.

And behavior.

This is a MAJOR problem, because...

This makes you question all your behavior in the relationship.

This recreates and sustains your Emasculation.

It drives you crazy.

Of course it does.

Your Woman has authority to make an existential Judgment on whether you're a Narcissist or not. Whether you're a "Toxic Man." or not.

Who wouldn't go crazy?

MEN: She's the one who is making decisions in your own head.

MEN: Become Your Highest Authority and then Lead

It sucks as fu*k to be in that position.

I know because I was in it.

For WAY too long.

I had that fear of "What if I'm a Narcissist? What if I'm evil?"

It's an Emotional Wound.

It was killing me from the inside.

"How can I heal it then?" you might ask

The principal answer is you MUST BECOME YOUR HIGHEST AUTHORITY and then LEAD.

Because when YOU are your highest authority, her Judgment is irrelevant.

Not because it's inferior.

Her Judgement of you is irrelevant, but because it does not inspire you.

Her Vulnerability inspires you, you're both biologically and energetically wired for that.

That's Relationship Polarity and no gender activist can do anything about that.

The Harmony of Mutual Meeting Your Needs

She's ONLY judging because she doesn't believe her vulnerability would inspire you.

That's her Wound.

That's the only reason she Judges you.

You've got to Lead her out of her Judgments, her Wound, into her Heart.

Into her Vulnerability.

Then, instead of staying stuck in fights and exhausting intellectual conversations about nothing, you will discover what she ACTUALLY needs. It's in her Heart, it's hidden underneath those Judgments, in her true feelings.

And here's my promise to you:

When you Lead your Woman into showing you her Heart, it's IMPOSSIBLE not to give her what she needs.


It tastes so good, to meet her needs, that it's irresistible.

To take care of that Heart, to Provide for her, to Protect her.

It's visceral, you'll feel it in your body.

And so will she.

It's a Gift for her and it's a Gift for you.

It's addictive.

When you understand the principles of Relationship Polarity, this will be common sense.

PS: Don't trust anything I say unless it makes sense to you.


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