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How To Be More Spontaneous in Dating & Public Speaking

Simple exercise that you can do on your own and grow a lot.

Are you overthinking what’s the right thing to say? That’s the best way to say something weird or nothing at all.

No one wants to be judged.

Fear of being judged by others after saying something weird is absolutely normal.

But whether you’re on a date, on stage, or in your social circle, the principle remains the same:

The truth is, though, that it’s not the people in the audience (or a girl) who’s judging you...

...but you.

You’re your own worst judge.

A perception that the psychological threat is “out there” is a projection of your own self-judgment.

I made a video about how you can stop this self-judgment and start expressing yourself more.

It’s an exercise you can do on your own, without even leaving your room and you’ll see results.

I did it years ago and many of my clients did it and they experienced much more openness after it.

Watch this video and find out how you can get this inner voice in control without having to leave your room.

I’m not promising that it’s going to turn you into Tony Robbins overnight. But you’ll feel a hell of a difference!

Too busy to watch the video? Get a free copy of my eBook 3 Steps to Natural Masculine Confidence and learn how to create charismatic masculine authenticity that will impact ALL areas of your life including business, dating, relationships and - of course - public speaking too!

When you’re done, let me know how you feel! I love reading success stories!

PS: Most people won’t watch the video and they won’t do the exercise. They’ll postpone making the decision and normalize the pain of social anxiety. There’s nothing I can do in this case. If that’s you, just know that there will come a point soon, where you’ll make the decision and you’ll break out from whatever is limiting you at the moment. You have my full support and you can absolutely do it. In any case — the link to the video is here.


I created a Masterclass on Natural Masculine Confidence — 5-Step Strategy My Clients Use To Eliminate Their Nice Guy Pattern in Busines & Dating. You can watch it for free here.


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