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5 Reasons Why Im Grateful for COVID19

Updated: May 20, 2020

Once I let go of the anxiety and took responsibility for what I could control, I discovered the hidden gifts of COVID-19.

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These were the last words of my beloved friend 3 weeks ago before I started yelling at her:

“Go to the store and buy food that will last at least 2–4 weeks. We are completely powerless, it spreads like a wildfire. Last time this happened was with a Spanish flu, causing 50 million deaths! No one even knows how long this will last! (increasing voice intensity) We are not ready for this! (yelling) I don’t know what else do I have to tell you so you start taking it seriously.

At that point, I had enough. Fear took over and I started yelling back about her being hysterical — while being hysterical myself.


Turning Fear Around

Everything is relative. 

There is always a little good in all evil and a little evil in all good.

Fear suggests, that Coronavirus is only negative and therefore causes the mind to freak out.

Once I discovered the positives about the COVID-19 for my life I never fell into the hysteria around it again.

5 Reasons Why COVID-19 Changed My Life For The Better

1. Better decisions — after I let go of control & surrendered to the new reality.

Reinhold Niebuhr wrote this prayer almost 90 years ago:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;  courage to change the things I can;  and wisdom to know the difference.

I felt anxiety at the beginning of the outbreak — what will happen to those I love, how will it affect my business and finances, will I have any permanent health damage if I get sick…?

The train of thoughts never stopped — until I let go of wanting to control things I can do nothing about.

I looked at what I could control and made new decisions:  - going to sleep at 10.30pm & waking up at 6am  - sharpen my morning workout and do an endurance workout every other day - double my daily meditation and reading time - prepare my business for the growth that comes after the pandemics - dive deep into my passion that I’ve neglected for years: writing.

I realized that all these decisions are crucial for my personal and business growth and thanks to Corona I adopted them faster.

As a result — not only I started to feel more empowered, but also more positives started to show up immediately.

2. Better relationship with death — after I finally took the time to reevaluate my beliefs around it.

Hearing about death from Coronvirus from the news on a daily basis was causing me some anxiety too. I knew there must be something about my view of death that drains me.

I dove into research and this is what I have discovered:

Over the last 200 years, we have more than doubled our life expectancy.

Even though the mortality rate still remained the same (100%, no one ever not-died) death became a taboo topic.

It became a culturally accepted norm that talking or thinking about death is inappropriate.

I looked back at my family patterns, my interpretations of my own taboo death-related events and I discovered, that part of myself always read between the lines: “Death is a failure.”

Thank God I realized that, as I knew it’s an irrational and limiting belief.

I immediately thought about the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and the Men’s Search for Meaning, a book by a psychologist and a holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, and I gave myself new answers on the question of death.

I have written my new reality in my journal:

The failure and tragedy of a man’s death do not lie in the event itself.
What’s tragic is when the drama around his death completely overshadows the beauty of his life and the contribution he made to the world — sometimes for generations to come.
Death is an opportunity to get inspired by his story, to learn from his accomplishments and to celebrate his life while finding deeper meaning in my own.

My beliefs about death changed.

They used to induce fear and anxiety and they were disempowering — all happening subconsciously.

Accepting my own mortality and creating new beliefs around it became a source of gratitude, inspiration and more presence in my life.

Of course, I could learn this lesson at any point in the future, but I like to credit the pandemics for it gave me the first impulse to go inwards and face the uncomfortable.

coronavirus covid19 lockdown pandemics gratitude good news positive optimism coaching

3. Better lifestyle — after realizing the importance of my immune system.

After contracting the virus and developing the COVID-19 symptoms, not much can be done other than relying on the body’s immune system to fight the disease.

I think this in itself is a gift.

It’s a reminder of the power of my body’s immune system and an urge to stop taking it for granted.

First of all, I am extremely grateful for the lifestyle I already adopted: eating the right foods at