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CASE STUDY: How 15 Years of Anxiety and Panic Attacks Got Resolved in 8 Weeks

Anxiety and panic attacks can be crippling to a man's success in life.

Overthinking, emotional ups and downs, hopelessness, and despair crushes a man's confidence and ambition.

Adrian, an entrepreneur in his 30s living in the Czech Republic, knew this very well.

"I'm having these crazy ups and downs. When I am high I am unstoppable, but I wear myself out quickly and then I feel low. Then I am down, everything seems hopeless until I buckle up and overcompensate in the opposite extreme. It feels nice, but I start to wear myself out quickly and the cycle continues."

This was reflected in his dating life.

He would approach girls, but he would force the interactions from his head, feeling inauthentic and discouraged. Even if he would get a number or a date, it was impossible for him to stay relaxed, present, and simply have fun.

Instead, he was in his head.

Obviously, this was energetically draining, it wasn't enjoyable, therefore any genuine connection and intimacy with women were close to impossible. So he tried harder and harder and harder and exhausted himself every time.

There was no joy in dating, it was all about effort.

But it was understandable because it was all a defense mechanism.

"I felt anxiety and panic when I slowed down. I tried to connect with a feeling that was underneath the ultra-fast thinking mind. But I didn't know how. It was too much to handle."

Being an ambitious problem solver, he really tried everything to resolve that.

"I read loads of books, I did Pick-Up Artistry in the past, I studied public speaking with Toastmasters, I did meditation, I did silent retreat, dark retreat, I lived with monks with Thailand, I did men's groups in the forest, water-fasting for days, I did ice baths and breathwork and I even did psychedelics."

He had great awareness of what was happening inside of his psyche, he could go deep, but he wasn't able to process that. 

"I knew what my problem was. I knew what I felt. But I did not know how to process that."

Adrian knew he had to learn something simple, something that targets the emotion directly.

Then he got recommended Emotional Releasing by his friend, my former client.

We scheduled a session.

He showed up and we dove deep.

I wondered how long he had been trying to fix the emotional turbulence problem.

"The ups and downs? I've been trying to resolve that actively for 4 years, but generally I've been dealing with this for the last 15 years."

15 years!

Being aware of the difficulty of his situation, his hopes weren't even high.

"Man, if I can make some progress on this "ups and downs pattern", I'd be happy!" he said to me.

We got down to work.

First, I showed Adrian the principles of emotional tension and emotional literacy so that he has an intellectual understanding of what happens once we start releasing, and eventually he can do that on his own.

Second, I showed him how to release. How to let go of the emotions and discomfort he felt in his body when tension emerged.

Third, he started to step into tension every single day. He was so good that he designed his own exercises and he started to have breakthrough after breakthrough on his own.

"I see! This is exactly what I needed. To have someone sit next to me and tell me exactly how to do this. In Thailand, monks talked about releasing and letting go but they wouldn't show anyone how to do that."

Ups and downs decreased.

Anxiety decreased.

And we have barely scratched the surface.

In the past, he also worked on sexual transmutation from books and self-study. But because he didn't know how to process the energy blocks in his body, he was amplifying them, creating heavy emotional states for himself. 

"I was also doing sexual transmutation and I would get more energy from that, but because I didn't know how to handle it, the tension turned into nervousness and anxiety. Now, with releasing I have more sexual energy, and I can get more done and enjoy sex for longer and with more pleasure."

Of course, the business results were a matter of time - as it always happens when working with tension and releasing.

"It's so much easier to get to know people in business, to negotiate deals, and to enjoy all the tension that goes with that. Now instead of being stressed, I'm laughing at those moments."

He is exactly one of the guys who said in the beginning:

"What? Enjoying emotional tension? That's absurd. That's impossible."

2 months later, he loves it.

He can approach girls, talk with them, get dates, AND enjoy those dates.

It's not that the anxiety never shows up anymore, but now he knows EXACTLY what to do to work through it and let it go.

And check this: panic attacks stopped completely.

When Adrian remembers his humble goal, in the beginning, he's laughing.

"It was much better than I expected. I hoped to deal with one problem. If I can resolve this 25% of this, I'd be happy. Turns out I have resolved this for good in 3 weeks and then resolved another 20 problems on top of that."

With guys like Adrian, my biggest fulfillment doesn't come from the fact that he created a massive shift in a short period of time, but from the fact that he learned a skill (tension work and releasing) that triggered a permanent change.

It's not a one-off situation that he handled, but rather a principle and skillset that he is now using on autopilot.

How did Adrian's journey begin?

By reaching out and booking a free breakthrough call. We both got crystal-clear clarity on where he's at and what's the optimal next step for his fastest possible progress.

And because he liked my approach, he decided to start our cooperation.

Now, if you're sick and tired of your mental and emotional patterns, that are preventing you from living an amazing dating life and living your Natural Masculine Confidence that you were born with, then book a free call with me right now.

The truth is, I don't know if I can help you. But on the call, we will do a deep diagnostic dive into your situation and get perfect clarity for you. If I have a solution for you, I will absolutely show you what that looks like. From there, it's up to you.

You were designed to be a confident man. When you're aligned with your instincts, you're natural, authentic, and confident.

It's automatic.

My job is to show you, where you're off track and how to get back to yourself.

Book the free call and start your journey now!

*The client's name was changed to protect his privacy.

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