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CASE STUDY: How to Transform Your Dating Life Using Tension & Releasing

Dating women should be a beautiful experience for every man.

If it's not, there is only one reason: emotions.

- fear of the unknown,

- shame of rejection,

- guilt of doing something "wrong",

- anxiety about not knowing what to say/do,

- fear of making the move,

- despair because nothing seems to work,

- etc.

When a man does not know how to work through his emotions, he's unable to enjoy himself, because he spends most time fighting with himself.

He gets exhausted from trying to figure them out logically, so he can do things "right" (as opposed to what just feels good).

In his dating experiences, there's very little beauty.

It's all about thinking, effort, and overwhelm.

Luke, a software developer in his 30s from Eastern Europe knew this very well.

Once these emotions hit his nervous system, approaching and meeting a new girl became difficult.

It was too much tension and he was unable to handle it.

Enjoying the tension in those situations was impossible.

"In those moments, approaching and meeting a girl is difficult. I just don't know what to do."

Like most men, he also stumbled upon the pick-up artistry.

Soon though, he developed an aversion to it, because of its mechanical and fake nature.

"I learned some pick-up stuff in the past, but I don't like using it, it just doesn't feel right. I don't want to sound like someone who I'm not. There is no authenticity in learning techniques. Even if I get successful, then the entire relationship would be based on an initial lie. It's just dysfunctional."

Furthermore, flirting on a date was difficult, because of his fear of being judged for his sexuality.

Social conditioning instilled in his mind a deep fear of being judged and rejected for his sexual nature.

No matter how much he knew intellectually and experientially, that sex is beautiful and should be celebrated, he just couldn't shake that fear off.

"The idea of expressing my sexual intention [flirt] brings up a weird fear of being perceived as something like ...a sexual predator? I guess I'm afraid I could be perceived as doing something unacceptable, so I just block myself mentally."

The consequence became clear to me:


Showing a girl that he's sexually attracted to her was too big of a psychological threat to his mind.

Therefore he self-sabotaged all sexual tension to feel safe.

Patterns like this make it difficult to enjoy speaking with women, show sexual intent, and create any real intimacy.

After having tried psychotherapy and other self-development techniques he decided to laser-focus on Masculinity and Confidence.

After a recommendation from his friend, he booked a call with me.

We dove deep, and at the end of the call, he made a decision.

"No need to wait anymore, let's do it!"

I knew Luke had massive growth coming up.

We got down to work.

First, he dove into the Dynamics of Tension.

I showed him the principles of emotional tension.

I gave him exercises that shifted his mindset and gradually raised the tension he can handle.

Once he understood how tension works, he stopped avoiding it and immediately became more playful and more adventurous around women.

Second, he started to Release.

I showed him the anatomy of emotions and the practice of emotional releasing.

After a few guided releases, he started to release on his own.

He stopped analyzing and overthinking his problems, and instead, he started to release the underlying emotions that created the problems.

With that, his tension skills went up radically as well!

Third, he learned Masculine Communication in a romantic relationship.

I showed him how a polarized relationship between a man and a woman works.

How to not only keep his freedom with his woman but also how to expand it even further into Masculine Dominance, while making his woman satisfied, open, and radiant.

Breakthroughs started to flow in one after another:

"The release around my sexual fears was super intense, and in the end, I felt much much more relaxed!"

After the sexual release, he didn't have to try harder.

His sexual nature came up spontaneously.

Just enjoying himself, the girl, and the present moment!

A few days later, I received another text from him:

"There was this cute girl on the bus. We had a staring contest, the tension was huge - but guess what, I could handle that and I turned it into playfulness! I had so much fun!

Minutes later, I'm speaking to her, she's giving me her number as she's giggling about the whole thing. If I only knew it's this easy!"

No hard effort.

Just playfulness.

He was having fun!

A few weeks later, yet another text came in:

"I have met the most amazing girl just now! We've had perfect chemistry and we're going out!"

No swiping, no approaching 100s of women, no unnecessary embarrassment.

Once he made the internal psychological shifts, the girl fell into his lap.

"We met randomly in a leisure activity. We did a theater improvisation and funnily enough, we started to touch each other [within the activity] before we even started to speak." he laughs as he remembers back.

Today, they're in a romantic relationship together.

I later asked Luke how he feels about the goal he set for the program.

He answered with pride and a bright smile on his face.

"My goal for the program was to find and enjoy a non-committed playful relationship with a lot of fun and sexual tension. A few weeks later, it all happened perfectly, with one little difference: The relationship is not non-committed, because the girl is awesome, that I gave up on the idea of an open relationship and went straight to an exclusive relationship."

Furthermore, releasing undoubtedly helped not only to process the emotional tension in dating but also in business and healing his professional burnout experience.

"Before I knew releasing, I would analyze my issues and try to understand them. Psychotherapy initially helped a lot, but it was slow and ineffective because I don't want to analyze it, I just want to deal with it and let it go. Emotional Releasing really works for me wonderfully to just deal with it! I used to journal a lot. Now I don't even journal anymore, because I can just deal with the negative feelings as they come up."

Did Luke achieve something extraordinary?


Does that make him special in any way?



Because every man has the ability to release their emotions.

Every man has the ability to handle and enjoy the tension.

And every man has the Natural Masculine Confidence already inside them!

Every man, including you!

However, despite the fact that every man can become Truly Confident, only very few of them ever will.

Most men normalize their fears, pains, and suffering, instead of dealing with them.

"That's life." they'll say and keep escaping facing their problems through PC games, alcohol, drugs, porn, or masturbation.

Time goes by, nothing changes and every day a little part of them dies.

If you're one of these people, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for you.

However, if you're one of the few who DO want to take specific action and explore what's possible for them, then take action right now and book a free call with me, just like Luke did at the beginning of his journey.

On this call, we'll dive deep into your story, get to the root cause of your problem, and create a step-by-step strategy that will be your roadmap for building your own Natural Masculine Confidence.

Let's talk soon.

*Client's name was changed to protect his privacy


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