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The Masculine Edge

The Edge is all about Men stepping into the unknown, looking straight in the eyes of their fears, being more real, vulnerable and authentic than ever while having loads of fun and growing their confidence as a side effect.

Workshop Overview

If you are fed up with the endless motivational speeches, quotes and empty talks about self-development because you know, that that practice happens in the real life anyway - you are in a good place.

The Masculine Edge is an intensive two and a half day transformational training for men that will make you discover what you're really made of.

Even though our society is now technologically more advanced than ever before, the average man in 2020 feels more fear than ever before.

A result?



He believes that his anger is evil because it hurts others, and he is unable to assertively state what he desires from his environment.

However, with the suppression of his anger he is also killing his passion and courage, until he becomes a grey average that loses his spark and self-respect.



His perception of emotions is fundamentally flawed - he sees them as the childish, feminine or just a necessary evil. Because of that he suppresses spontaneity, authenticity and emotional self-expression. He becomes robotic, constantly "in his head" and boring. The emotional variability and the masculine edge that is natural to him is substituted for video games, drugs and porn.



He receives feedback from women, that he doesn't listen or he simply "is not there". He doesn't understand that and tries to pay more attention to words - while having the same or worse results. Eventually he resigns and struggles with the most basic approaches or conversations with women.

"Men who do not turn to face their own pain

are too often prone to inflict it on others."

-Terrence Real

Who is it for:

Every man has experienced in his life the feeling of being at his edge.

These experiences form some of his best memories in life and he recalls them with friends at every opportunity.

During this weekend, every man will experience his own edge again and again.

He will locate his edge in the safe environment and move to his next level.

This weekend is designed for you to understand what makes your Masculine Edge thrive and give you tools for moving it to your next level on autopilot for the rest of your life.

What you will learn about yourself:

- You will discover your self-sabotage patterns in communication with other people - in personal and professional life

- You will learn that you are able to ground even the most intense emotions of anger, shame and fear.

- You will learn how guilt works and you will learn to work with it

- You will reconnect with your deepest anger and aggression and you will learn how to use them proactively as a fuel for courage and dedication to build the life you want​

- You will experience what it feels like to connect with a woman on an emotional level

- You will learn what it feels like to ground what it is that you really want to do, say and experience

- You will discover that you can ground much more discomfort and tension than you ever thought possible

- You will learn how to function in the real world in a way that will expand your comfort zone and confidence for the rest of your life

The reason why The Masculine Edge is different:

You can read a 100 books, watch 300 videos and listen to the most powerful motivation speeches.

The truth is that you already know that the change can only happen in the real life experience.

The Masculine Edge is the real life experience.

Technical information:


Maximum capacity - 8 people.

You will receive preparation material 2 weeks before the weekend.

For the third day, bring sports clothes and a towel for the part when we work with anger.

You do not need to bring any other special material for the workshop.

No alcohol or drugs at least 5 days before the workshop and during its entire duration.


490 EUR 

You can get 100 EUR discount if you attended the Integrated Men's Group before

100% money-back guarantee: If you do all the exercises during the weekend and you will conclude that it was not worth it, we will give you all the money back, no questions asked.

"Find out what a person fears most

and that is where he will develop next."

-Carl Gustav Jung

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