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What Is The Nice Guy Syndrome And Why It Makes Your Life Unbearable

Updated: May 20, 2020

"Nice Guys may appear to finish last, but they are running a different race." -Ken Blanchard

“She has no idea who she just rejected,” he said after getting friend-zoned.

“How could she do that, after all I have done for her? All the romantic gestures, dinners, and me being nice. Screw that. I guess she just needs some arrogant idiot who will screw her and then throw her away. Then she will realize what she could have with me. Well, it will be too late for her!”

This was my high school classmate's rant after getting friend-zoned by yet another girl.

He was one of those men who were nice to the point of physical exhaustion.

He did whatever it took to become what he had thought others wanted him to be so he could get love, success and live a problem-free life.