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The nature of Masculine Love

Like everything in the physical world — human Love also has a dualistic nature.

Godly love is universal.  It’s a perfect acceptance and seeing the beauty & the truth in everything that exists.

Human love is dualistic.  It has its masculine and feminine poles.

Feminine love is the love of the mother.

Feminine love is the one we all know as love — beautiful, nurturing, heart-warming. It’s the hugs, kisses, warmth in the chest area, and a sense of beauty and belonging.

It’s the feeling of being nurtured. It’s the emotion of feeling safe in the hug. It’s the “everything is all right” feeling. It’s tender and soft.

The masculine love is different, though.

Masculine love is the love of the father. 

In one word, masculine love is the Truth.

It always assumes faith, that you are strong enough to handle the truth — no matter how uncomfortable. It’s assuming, that the truth will eventually lead to more clarity, simplicity and create space for the feminine love. It cuts out the bullshit and complexity so that growth can happen and feminine love can flourish.

Masculine is penetrating and so is it’s love. But penetration can only happen through the resistance. Otherwise, it’s not penetration. The uncomfortable truth rarely wants to be heard. Masculine love is the force that overcomes this resistance. 

It takes balls to look the truth in the face and take all the risks for sharing it.

The faces of masculine love

Your best friend telling you you’re bullshitting yourself and tells you that you are using excuses not to live fully. He won’t let you pass with your bullshit, because he loves you. He knows you can do better. It’s thanks to knowing the truth, that you can grow further.

Masculine love is also the slap in the face from the father when you’re wasting your potential. That loving slap challenges you to do better than that. When you’re resistant to the truth, the slap is a wake-up call. Fearful father will rationalize endlessly and eventually give up, leaving you up to chance. Only a loving father with balls penetrate your bullshit with love like that.

Masculine love can sometimes appear cruel because facing the truth is not always comfortable. This applies, however, only to those who don’t have faith. Faith requires you to believe that both you and the other person will handle the truth.

Fear of the truth

If you fear seeing and accepting the truth, there is only one reason for that: you believe you wouldn’t handle it. That’s a victim mentality. Masculine love penetrates this fear with faith: “I believe in you that’s why I’m telling you the truth”. When you have an experience that someone believes you even if you don’t, it pulls you high and gives you an enormous amount of strength. 

Eventually, you start believing in yourself too and you make shit happen. 

Can you see how important it is to have a loving father early in life?

(Telling the truth, believing the person won’t handle is not masculine love. That’s sadism. The loving and empowering intent when telling the truth is a crucial aspect of masculine love.)

The perfect synergy

The more truth is exposed and lived by the masculine, the more it can be nurtured by the feminine.

The truth — even though painful — always wins in the long-term. It’s the basis of integrity.

You can take the Masculine and Feminine principle and apply it to the individual psyche, relationship as a unit, a family, company, or the entire economy. The principle is the same.

The truth of the Nice Guys  Nice Guys live their lives using white lies, wondering why life’s difficult and unfair. They get lost in the complexity of trying to be perfect. They don’t believe they could handle the emotional tension from saying the truth out loud. It’s understandable — they’ve been conditioned for that their entire life.

But the TRUTH is — they can transform into The Integrated Men — if they want it bad enough.

The Integrated Men are truthful to themselves and others. Life has more emotional tension, more juice, and —not surprisingly — attracts more of feminine love. It’s a life of adventure, a life of endless possibilities. A life that can be driven entirely by the man’s purpose, fueled by his passion and celebrated with joy!

Get courageous and take action!

Get started and just ask yourself this question:

“What is the area of my life, where I am lying to myself the most?”

It’s not an easy question. It’s also not for everyone. It takes balls and masculine love to answer this question honestly.

What will you do?


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