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The Difference Between Fear and Excitement

What you need to know to start enjoying fear by turning it into excitement, playfulness, and adventure.

What is the difference?

Well, here is the basic formula:

Fear - Wanting Control = Excitement

Fear and excitement initially feel exactly the same in the body.

The difference between them is determined by what happens after the initial shock.

With fear, there is no release of internal tension and the body-mind remains in the survival mode. The energy is stuck in the body and the mind tries to figure out what is the "right" thing to do for the optimal outcome: survival.

With excitement, there is a release of tension and the accumulated energy turns into playfulness. The energy turns into the flow, the mind is silent and the action is intuitive.

Fear, despite all its negative associations, is a critical element of excitement.

Your ability to handle and enjoy tension is primarily determined by how well you are able to consciously step into fear, relax and turn it into excitement with playfulness.

It is scary to approach a woman in the street and give her a compliment.

It is scary to share with your wife your fantasies and your vulnerabilities.

It is scary to stand up in front of other people and be honest, real, and without any masks.

Yet, if you can embrace the fear, relax and turn it into the excitement that leads to playfulness - you will be authentic.

Your behavior will be confident.

And there will be no effort.

Your only job is to release your mind's tendencies to control what is happening around you with thoughts, structures, and searching for patterns.

And that is the domain of Emotional Releasing.

PS: Another way of putting down the formula is is "Excitement = Fear + Choice"


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