Have you been emasculated as a man?


Are you questioning your masculinity, looking for the answers on what it means to be a man? What is the masculine behavior and what isn't? But what's worse - have you been worried that you might have been emasculated?

Well, first, know that you're not alone. My youngest client is 17, while the oldest one is 59. Making sense in the world of masculinity today can be tricky - especially with the political agenda and the not-so-famous pick-up artistry.

So let's first have a look at the symptoms of emasculation - an emotional state when the man feels stripped off his masculinity:

1. Emasculated man is ashamed of his power because he is afraid he could hurt others. That's what he learned - don't be a tyrant, don't be a bully!

2. Emasculated man is ashamed of his sexual nature because he is afraid of being judged. That's what he learned - don't be a pervert, don't be a creep!

3. Emasculated man is ashamed of his feelings because he is afraid of being seen as weak. That's what he learned from society - men don't cry!

Living out these patterns without being aware of them is a tragedy.


Because these men are really trying hard not to become all those things.

However, in an effort to avoid what they fear, they turn into an extreme opposite of that.

And opposite of crazy is still crazy.

Here's what that means in practice:

1. They don't want to be tyrants so much, that they become people-pleasing weaklings with no opinion of their own, sacrificing all their authenticity for acceptance of people they most of the time don't even respect. Their anger grows in their unconscious and when they "lose it", they have anger outbursts and they become exactly those tyrants they hated so much.

2. They don't want to be seen as sexual creeps so much, that they become CREEPY AS FU*K!

Let's reverse engineer this to help you understand this better (with a little humour)

How to become creepy as fu*k in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Deny your sexual needs completely and pretend on dates that you aren't interested sexually at all.

Step 2: Confuse yourself by holding in mind two opposing intentions: "I want to show her I'm interested in her" and "I don't want to show her I'm interested in her."

Step 3 (happens on its own): Your body language does not match your verbal language. Your inconsistency and incongruency appears weird - witch in a sexual context is - creepy.

Congratulations, you've successfully become a creep by wanting to avoid it!

3. And the best of all - suffering emotionally by trying to hide the feelings.

The emasculated men have their worlds so much upside down, that they believe that avoiding feelings and talking about emotions will earn them the status of a masculine man.

And what's worse, most of these men are so stuck in pride that they believe that "They're better than emotions."

They're too smart for that shit. They can figure it logically.

"Emotions are for women and hippies", they'd say...

So while they're busy trying to project perfect appearance on the outside, they're apathetic, stressed, anxious, worried, passively-aggressive, disconnected, and lonely on the inside.

Because their internal and external worlds do not match, they have fear of failure and imposter syndrome - fear of being exposed. And that makes them try to hide their emotions even more, eventually experiencing even more fear of failure.


If you wonder, how is this even possible, I'm with you:

No man chooses to be emasculated this way voluntarily!

So the question is...

Why would any man in their right mind allow to be emasculated?

The answer is...

There was no choice.

Let me give you an example:

Parents who ignore their own emotional needs will often meet these needs through the way of the least resistance: kids. They will often enforce the value of obedience.


And as the young boy (or any child) eventually submits and adapts - he will voluntarily cut off its "testicles" and hand them to their parent - so it survives the family dynamics - learning to obey authorities and please them to earn respect and approval.


Victim mindset.

Giving up responsibility.

You name it.

And that sucks.

So if you're showing symptoms of emasculation, don't worry, it's not a lost battle. Here's what you can do about it:

Step 1: Stop avoiding emotional tension. That only supports the emasculation and makes things worse. Avoiding emotional tension is the #1 strategy of the Nice Guy pattern, peope-pleasing and poor confidence pattern. It's source is wanting approval and trying to control one's behavior so that it fits perfectly the expectation of others.

Step 2: Learn about emotional tension. Understand that all tension = emotion. Negative emotion is coming up because it wants to leave your system. Feeling bad = the emotion stored in your unconscious is knocking on the door of your conscious mind to get acknowledged released. If you repress it or escape it, you'll experience the same situation again and again, until you release the emotion.

Step 3: Learn to release emotions. Learn how to let go of the feelings of inferiority, anxiety, shame, guilt, etc. And use the same principle in dating, business, sports, health, family life, leadership, and EVERYWHERE - because emotions are the same in principle, wherever you look in life.


When you do this, you will AUTOMATICALLY grow Natural Masculine Confidence and reclaim your balls back.

What does this mean?

1. Experience the freedom of creep-free sexual expression around women and get your fantasies fulfilled without having to feel ashamed for it.

2. Step into your masculine power and enjoy directing your loving masculine dominance towards creating a phenomenal life for yourself FIRST and improving the lives of your loved ones.

3. Connect with women and other people easily through vulnerability and intuitive communication instead of overanalyzing and endless conceptual overthinking.

What's better than that?

And hey, this is not a theoretical concept!

This is stuff I've tested and experienced. This is stuff my clients experienced and keep experiencing every day.

So if you're sick and tired of feeling emasculated, and you're ready to start building your Natural Masculine Confidence, I will encourage you to watch my Free Masterclass.

This article is just a fraction of what's covered in the Masterclass.

I put together a 5-step game plan that will help you to overcome the symptoms of your emasculation, people-pleasing, and the "Nice Guy" pattern. I went through those shifts myself and every single client of mine goes through them.

If you're serious about your growth as a man, this is the best place to start.

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One thing I'm sure of is, that at this age, we absolutely need more courageous men who are ready to reclaim their masculinity and unapologetic confidence to step up in business and with women!

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