All victims are liars

I'll be a bit blunt today.

If you think, something happened to you in the past and you're suffering because of that today, it's a bunch of BS.

Here's why:

Your mind is an absolutely creative instrument.

Everything you hold in mind you will create in your reality.

We love to take pride in stuff we created consciously - you have set a goal, you worked hard for it, you made it happen. You became successful and people love you for it!

We love to take credit for that!

But we hate to take credit for the stuff we create unconsciously - you're afraid of something happening, you had bad experiences with it in the past, you disempower yourself, self-sabotage, and fail.

And we hate to take credit for that!

But you have created ALL those experiences.

Your mind doesn't have any moral judgment, it just creates whatever you put in it.

Just like your PC hardware doesn't have a moral judgment, it runs all the software you put in it - whether charity management software or illegal hacking system.

Now, when shit happens, what do most people do?

They shift into the victim mindset.

"I didn't create that.

It happened TO ME."


  1. Victims have no responsibility: "It happened to me."

  2. Yet it gives them moral superiority: "I'm better than that which hurt me (world, father, ex-girlfriend, etc.)"

  3. And entitlement to getting sympathy through self-pity: "I'm entitled to XYZ because of what I went through. If you don't do XYZ for me, you're a bad person!"

They love being a victim!

And when you point it out, they get offended:

"You don't understand.

You're cruel.

Don't hurt me."

This might trigger some people.

But just like with any trigger...

Why do you get triggered?

Because you're doing that and you resist admitting that.

"I would never ever do anything like that!"

Of course, you're doing that!

Everyone is doing that!

I am doing that!

It is part of the human condition!

What matters is just how much you're aware of it.

The more you're aware of it, the faster you can stop.

It's simple, but not easy.

Many people go through so much pain (spiritual pain) that it's difficult to take responsibility for what they have created.

Sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, a parent with schizophrenia, bipolar, you name it...

Some choose to take responsibility, get out of their family patterns and find happiness for life.

But others choose to stay stuck in a victim mentality and blame their oppressors and tyrants for the rest of their lives - and stay miserable while making their children go through the same BS all over again.

The Codependents of the World.

So here's what I think:

All victims are liars.

Here's why.

  1. They ARE ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for their current state of mind and life because they chose their condition.

  2. They ARE NOT MORALLY SUPERIOR, because everyone is doing their best with available resources at all times, no one is superior to anyone.

  3. They ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING, because everyone has free will and a choice to sympathize with whomever they want anytime they want.

This might sound aggressive.

But I am not writing this to attack anyone.

I am writing this to empower EVERYONE who has at least a grain of victim mentality in themselves.

What would you gain as a victim if I agreed with you?

  1. Your poor-me-disempowerment gets justified.

  2. Your oppressors will be kept guilty, and unforgiven, and attacks on them will be encouraged.

  3. You will be feeling you're right in your self-pity... and stuck forever.

Why on Earth would I ever agree with you for feeling sorry for yourself?

Maybe you don't have money...

Maybe your girlfriend cheated on you...

Maybe your career is failing...

Maybe your parents don't care...

Maybe your life is falling apart...

So what?

I have ZERO pity for you, because...



I will never buy into your BS so you can feel sorry for yourself.

I believe you can do better than making yourself small to get recognition.

I believe you can do better than hiding behind the past pain to soften your failures.

I believe you can do better than blaming others and fantasizing about how the past could have been different.


If you're stuck in the victim mindset, I have some news for you:


If you're stuck in a boring job.

If you're feeling lonely as a man.

If you feel like you're wasting your life.


I don't care that you were abused, betrayed, and lied to.


It's like you're having a thorn in your skin and instead of getting your shit together, handling a bit more pain to pull it out, you're putting oils, creams, and band-aids on it to soften the pain.

And if you've been doing that for years, your entire body is inflamed now.


Here's my #1 value:

"I am ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for everything happening in my life at any moment."

Embrace this belief and cut the crap off.

You're NOT the victim of absolutely anything at all.

You're the Creator and you're learning to master Creation.

Embracing this value has finally helped me to catapult myself forward and cut the crap out of in my own life.

It's also the #1 reason why my clients have such amazing results in such a short time and life transformations for the rest of their lives.

So if you're tired of lying to yourself about why you're not living your dream life, write me an e-mail and tell me what is the most pressing problem you would like to fix in your life and we'll see if I can help.

No more lies.

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