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3 Steps to Build Confidence Based on Good Mental Health

When your Confidence goes hand-in-hand with Good Mental Health, it becomes natural and effortless.

Emotional tension is unavoidable.

It's the basic building block of life - in Nature, in the human body, in the psyche, in society, etc...

Most men are avoiding tension, believing that when they get good enough at it, life will get better.

"If I can only be a better communicator, better manager, better analyst, better husband, better boyfriend... there would be less tension and life would just be better!"

They have no idea, that it works exactly the opposite way: handle more tension and you immediately get better results in all of those!

Instead, they're analytically trying to figure out how to speak better, behave better, meet other people's needs better and improve their "performance" hoping to get what they deserve in the future.

As a result, they have fights with their women because they can't handle the tension of leading, they work overtimes because they can't handle the t