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My program is designed to change your life.



Because I've designed it with these 3 priorities in my mind:

1. Outcome. My #1 focus is for you to achieve your goal - whatever that is. During the time we work together, it becomes my obsession. It is my #1 criteria for success. No watery discussions, no empty self-development talks. Outcome.

2. Transformation. As you work on your goal, stuff will come up. Insecurities, anxiety, fears, etc. You will release your old programs and paradigms and replace them with new - better ones. This will cause that you will experience personal transformation on your way to your goal. You will achieve your goal and you will be a different man.

3. Building a relationship with other men. During your program, you will share your vulnerability with other men and you will empower them too. This part of the program anchors the transformation deep inside you.

I make a coaching offer to a very limited number of applicants and I only work with 6 people every two months.

At this moment, I'm not aware of any other program like this.

Therefore, if you're interested in getting deeper, let's schedule a strategy session to see if we're a good fit. Make sure you come ready and focused because we will go DEEP.

"Coaching is not therapy.

It is product development with you as the product."

Anna, New York

"Session with Maros has been a transformational experience for me.


Firstly, because he is extremely knowledgeable and professional in the areas we targeted; plus he makes an effort to really dig deep into the roots of the issue and to break it down to details.
Also - he has this (what I think is very natural) talent to create a very safe, nurturing space that is (somehow magically) BOTH comforting to open up & address your issues AND challenging to get inspired and excited to grow.
And - thanks to his diverse background - he is able to analyze pretty complex scenarios and issues.

All in all, I would highly recommend him as a coach for anyone seeking growth that you can actually feel/experience right after (and sometimes during) sessions.

Thank you!"

"Maros has a highly developed abstract thinking, that serves him well to get to the root cause of any problem. Combined with his determination to grow and achieve, he is able to solve complex problems in a fast and elegant way.


On the emotional side - he is someone who can feel and process the heavy stuff while staying real and still maintain a positive outlook in the big picture.

His natural positive charm and charisma make others feel good around him. The consistency he keeps showing in his own life is a powerful asset for any of his coaching clients."

Brian Begin (former mentor)



Hi, I'm Maros. 

I help people transform their lives. I work mostly with men in areas of relationships, business and sex.

I have worked with hundreds of people in 1-on-1 coaching and group settings. 


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