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How Male Entrepreneurs & Executives
Double Their Income &  Achieve Dominant Leadership with Women
by Deep Work with Communication Patterns & Emotional Tension.
Let's be honest for a minute...
  • You are a high-achiever with a successful career, you have strong intellect and problem-solving skills, but your success came at a cost: your love life. Despite giving your best, you keep hitting the same walls over and over again.

  • You are a courageous idealist with a big heart and a burning desire to become your best self, but your past experiences brought up the walls that now ruin your experiences with women in dating and long-term romantic relationships.

  • You have a solid understanding of yourself because you already did a lot of inner work, but for unknown reasons, it feels like you’re sabotaging yourself and now you are finally ready to resolve that for good! 

  • You want to have the best sex of your life every time you’re making love with your woman and you also want to give her world-shattering experiences every time she’s with you.

  • You’re done with waiting and you’re ready to finally bring your vision to reality: meaningful partnership, deep intimacy, and lifetime passion. Now you’re looking for an experienced mentor that will guide you step-by-step to Victory in the area of your Love Life.

You've had enough...

Whether it’s a relationship failure, a dating rejection too painful, or you just realized that escape mechanisms don't work anymore (work, porn, drugs, campgirls, paid sex)... You can’t help but wonder:


"How the hell did I end up here?"

You’ve come to a moment when you said: ENOUGH! Now you know, that avoiding decisions will only escalate things in the future (just like in business) and you honor yourself too much to let that happen. You are done with settling for anything less than the best Love Life you can possibly have. You’re done with 10-minute quick-fix solutions to feel better about yourself for a week. Now you’re looking for real change AND sustainable results.

Natural Attraction Masculine Masculinity Man Looking from Behind

Over the last 10 years, I’ve spent dozens of thousands of $ on therapy, mentoring, coaching, and training. I wanted to understand and embody the best way to create 2 things:

1. Male Natural Attraction with women in dating and

2. Achieve a long-lasting Honeymoon Period with one woman in a long-term relationship.​

At the core, that's what all guys want. However, most of them ruin their dating life and romantic relationships by unconsciously swinging between two extremes - a submissive Nice Guy and a domineering Arrogant Dick.

They can't imagine being both: A Man who is Sensitive in caring about others, yet Dominant in his standards, boundaries, and his leadership.


Yet, he existsThe Integrated Man. This man is naturally attractive. He knows how to lead himself, he knows how to feel good in his own skin and the woman simply loves joining him. And since he knows how to keep leading his woman in the long term, the honeymoon phase in his relationship never stops.

This can be achieved and replicated. I have changed my life by applying everything I’ve learned to myself and since then I've been helping men around the world do the same in a record amount of time.

You're tired of seeing the same results...
  • Trying to say "the right thing at the right time" to the woman you're with, only to get more rejected, frustrated, and disempowered. 

  • Completely suppressing your anger and hiding your true desires with your woman out of fear of being selfish, ending up feeling betrayed - by yourself.

  • Thinking you need to meditate for thousands of hours, talk about your trauma in therapy for years, or become a PhD. in Psychology to finally understand what's wrong with you. 

I’m here to tell you that that’s all BS. What you need is simple:

Learning how to handle and enjoy emotional tension.

That enables you to feel good in your own skin, and from there - NATURALLY create connection, sustain attraction in the long-term and then lead your woman energetically even under the heaviest emotional pressure.

…because once you raise the amount of tension you can handle and enjoy, it all becomes 10x easier: creating a safe emotional connection, meaningful vulnerability, flirt, life-changing sex, and resolving ANY conflict in the relationship through your rock-solid leadership - all WHILE enjoying yourself and feeling good in your own skin.

What's better than that?





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handling and enjoying tension visual (Coaching, Attraction, Goals, Masculinity, Romantic Relationships)



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Feeling your self-worth from the inside makes your leadership 10x more powerful in all areas of your life. No more dependency on your woman’s approval, eroding your leadership and confidence. 


Your emotional stability allows women around your relax into their feminine, knowing you have your sh*t together, trusting you, and naturally surrendering to your leadership, without you having to betray any of your needs and desires.


Full control of your sexual energy allows you to have sex for hours, satisfy yourself and your woman beyond both of your wildest imaginations and conect on a much deeper, spiritual level.

Dated multiple women & found the long-term relationship:
"The goal I have set for the 8 weeks - I have reached in the first week! That's crazy! I realized, that everything is possible. This is a complete next level from all the pick-up stuff I've done in the past!"

- Daniel H., France

IMPORTANT: This is not a quick-fix formula, but a process bringing long-term & sustainable transformation.
energetic goal setting visual (Coaching, Attraction, Goals, Masculinity, Romantic Relationships)


Energetic Goal Setting

Consciously deciding and modelling a vision that activates the pleasure center of your brain and your nervous system. This creates sustainable internal motivation & drive. You will be propelled to take action not out of avoiding the pain failure, but by the pleasure in your vision of love, turn-on, and fulfillment. 

In other words, you stop playing “not to lose”, and start playing “to win”. 

handling and enjoying tension visual (Coaching, Attraction, Goals, Masculinity, Romantic Relationships)


Handling & Enjoying Tension

Understanding the principles of emotional tension and applying them every single day in a way that makes your mind & nervous system adjust to the new baseline will make create a new Natural Masculine Confidence: habitual and effortless. Whether you're on a date with your dream girl, or you're having a heated conversation with your wife, you have your shit together and both of you can feel that.

With this tension skillset, your leadership grows by 100x (even in business), and the best part - it's habitual! No more yo-yo effect and burnouts from willpower exhaustion.

embodied releasing visual (Coaching, Attraction, Goals, Masculinity, Romantic Relationships)


Embodied Releasing

With Embodied Releasing you overcome any emotional experience, and continually increase the amount of tension you can handle for the rest of your life. You connect to your truth easily and you will use it as your highest principle for leadership. You're immediately more attractive, your boundaries are stronger, and your integrity is bullet-proof. And the best: Gradually, you will release even the heaviest of your past trauma to the full recovery.

sexual transmutation visual (Coaching, Attraction, Goals, Masculinity, Romantic Relationships)


Upgrading your body physiology and training yourself to have FULL control over your ejaculation, expanding the sexual pleasure into your entire body, fueling your life vision with massive sexual energy, and satisfying your woman every single time, leaving her begging for more (seriously, this will be one of the new challenges - she’ll have to get used to it).

Sexual Transmutation
sexual polarity visual (Coaching, Attraction, Goals, Masculinity, Romantic Relationships)


Sexual Polarity

And finally, understanding Polarized Communication will help you understand how you can create Connection, Attraction, and Resolve Conflicts with your woman. You'll finally understand why you get irritated with some women (or your one) and how to use that irritation to lead her, polarize her into her feminine and enjoy yourself along the way. You can now easily connect with her and activate her sexual desire (whether dating or in a relationship, it's the same), prevent codependency from developing further in a relationship (or heal it if it’s there already), and rediscover and keep the passion & honeymoon period with her in the decades that will come. She'll feel grateful, for what an amazing man she gets to be with.

10 week online course

Lifetime access to 10 weeks of trainings, exercises, meditations & guided releases.

group coaching

Weekly Group Call for coaching, support and Q&A for 10 weeks.

one on one coaching

10 individual 1-on-1 calls to provide personalized coaching, releasing, accountability and all necessary support.


Full Immersion WhatsApp group with instant Q&A and strengthened accountability.



During this free consultation, we will have a look if I can help you. If I can, I will give you clarity on how your specific patterns around avoiding emotional tension destroy your love life (whether single or in a long-term relationship). Then I will custom-design a game plan for you on how to tackle that in the shortest amount of time, so you can build the love life of your dreams as quickly as possible.

Important: This is not a sales call, I will not offer anything to you on this call (even if you wanted to work together).

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